House of Couture: Couture Fashion Show in NYC 2008

New York City
by Kelly Saunders Sep 12, 2008
Having the opportunity to photograph some of the hottest designers of the season at the Couture Fashion Show in NYC, I was able to get the scoop on the freshest designs to hit the runway. Here are photos and impressions from my journey into the world of couture and some fresh new labels.

The show lasted for three days and started with the fresh new look of Edwing D’Angelo.

Born in Colombia, Edwing got his inspiration to design beautiful, intricate women’s cocktail and special occasion dresses as well as a full men’s line.

Other designers included Sararose Krenger, Cecilia Perez, Nedret Taciroglu (Turkey), Soucha Couture (Egypt), Katerina Bocci (Albania) and Romanitza (Romania).

Most of these designers are just now being recognized in the States for their amazing talent and ability to create beautiful couture clothing.

A model herself, Ms. Iovan initiated her Romanitza fashion label and she has become one of the most successful designers in Romania.

The exquisite detail of her designs is why she is being named one of the most innovative designers of the season.

Another fabulous designer was Sushma Patel from the Middle East. After graduating from the Academia Della Moda in Florence, Italy, Sushma eventually settled in Cairo, Egypt.

He continues to base his inspiration on the beautiful shape of a woman and never stops exploring new ideas and design techniques.

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