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The Vader Project Hits Japan

Japan Art + Architecture
by Ross Borden Aug 7, 2008
The Vader Project just rolled through Chiba, Japan — right outside of Tokyo–picking up 13 more super-creative artists and designers from Japan before continuing its journey around the globe.

The Vader Project is curated by Dov Kelemer and Sarah Jo Marks of DKE Toys. Kelemer and Marks gathered close to 100 of the hottest underground and pop surrealist painters, artists, and designers to participate.

Each artist was given a 1:1 scale authentic prop replica of the actual Darth Vader helmet used in the Star Wars films. Each helmet served as a blank canvas for each artist to paint, design, mash up, and customize.


The Vader Project originally premiered at Star Wars Celebration IV in Los Angeles in May 2007. From there it traveled to Star Wars Celebration Europe in London in June 2007.

July 2007 brought 10 new helmets to the Star Wars Pavilion at the famed San Diego Comic -Con on International.

The Project’s exhibit at Star Wars Celebration Japan marks the first time the collection will be on display in Asia.

The future plan is for the exhibition to travel to museums, galleries, and events around the world. The helmets will then be offered publicly at auction. Details will be announced later.

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