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The 16 Funniest Expressions in Hawaii (and How to Use Them)

Hawaii Student Work Languages
by Jill Meinecke Sep 2, 2015

1. Locals don’t cheer when they’re excited, they shout, “Chee hoo!”

2. When everything is all messed up, things are definitely “hamajang.”

3. You don’t get hurt in Hawaii, you get “buss (bust) up.”

4. A Hawaii local never has a lot of something, but always has “choke” amounts.

Example: “Electric beach has choke turtles.”

5. A Hawaii local never travels seaside, but always goes “makai.” Likewise, a local never goes toward the mountains, but “mauka.”

6. If something is bad, a local will most definitely call it “junk.”

7. You might think you just got in a fight, but really, you got “in one scrap.”

8. A mainland mother might tell you to change your underwear every day, but a local mom will remind you to change your “bibidees.”

9. You don’t go to the bathroom to make number 1, you always make “shi-shi.”

10. Others will question whether or not you’re a local if you don’t call soy sauce “shoyu.”

11. Anything that’s a pain in the butt is most definitely “humbug.”

12. When your nose is runny, auntie might scold you to blow out your “hanabata.”

13. If your tan needs work and your pale skin is noticeable, someone might call you “daikon legs.”

14. Sitting on a hard surface too long or dealing with hamajang situations is certainly a pain in the “’okole.”

15. A Hawaii local doesn’t smoke marijuana, but smokes “pakalolo.”

16. Locals don’t ask if you’re finished, they ask if you “stay pau.”

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