17 Reasons to Feel Sorry for Everybody in Cleveland

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by Joe Baur Jun 30, 2015

1. There are no green spaces in Cleveland.

2. It’s just an ugly city to look at.

3. There’s absolutely no good beer.

4. Impossible to find good live music.

5. The neighborhoods are completely dead.

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6. Not a single slice of edible pizza.

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7. This definitely isn’t one of the greatest orchestras in the world.

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8. Fresh local food is for losers.

9. Seriously! No good beer!

10. Nowhere to go to catch a flick or 100.

A photo posted by ciff (@clefilmfest) on

11. There’s just no PRIDE here.

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12. We don’t know how to throw a party.

A photo posted by Captain Caveman! (@spats5k) on

13. Lake Erie is a dead zone.

A photo posted by Marisa Tingle (@marisa.tingle) on

14. Absolutely nothing to do there.

A photo posted by Sarah Soltan (@sarahesoltan) on

15. Not to mention not a single good restaurant.

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16. And food trucks drive straight through.

A photo posted by CLE Foodies (@clefoodies) on

17. Just absolutely not a single redeeming thing here.

A photo posted by Cleveland News (@cle_news) on

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