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21 of the Funniest Expressions From Quebec (and How They're Used)

Québec Languages
by Kimberley Jeane Feb 10, 2016

1. In Quebec guys don’t pleasure themselves…they “take the fat off the salami” (dégraisser le salami).

2. In Quebec, people don’t get a horrible hangover…they “get a bad hair ache” (avoir mal aux cheveux).

3. In Quebec, people don’t vomit…they “imitate a bellowing moose” (caller l’orignal).

4. In Quebec guys don’t have a huge sex drive…they have “lead in their pencils” (y’a de la mine dans le crayon).

5. In Quebec, they don’t say “fuck!”…they say “sacramental bread” (Osti!) or “chalice” (Câlisse!) or “tabarnacle” (tabarnak!).

6. In Quebec, you don’t reach a dead-end of a road…you “reach the ass-of-bag of a road” (cul-de-sac).

7. In Quebec, they don’t eat corn-on-the-cob…they “eat wheat from India” (blé d’Inde).

8. In Quebec, guys don’t have a girlfriend…they “have a blonde” (une blonde).

9. In Quebec, girls don’t have a boyfriend…they “have a buddy” (un chum).

10. In Quebec you don’t try to charm someone…you “sing the apple” (chanter la pomme).

11. In Quebec, people don’t get pissed off …they “get their ass close to catching fire” (j’ai l’feu au cul).

12. In Quebec, they don’t “chicken out”…they “don’t let go of the potato” (lâche pas la patate).

13. In Quebec, you weren’t an idiot…you let someone “eat the wool off your back” (se laisser manger la laine sur le dos). [And they were probably an idiot, too.]

14. In Quebec a person is not unlikeable… they are “crooked in the ass” (de travers dans l’cul).

15. In Quebec, when a disastrous event occurs…it’s the “burial of the toad” (enterrement de crapaud).

16. In Quebec, people aren’t extremely energetic…they “fart fire” (péter le feu).

17. In Quebec, you don’t “do nothing”…you “grab your ass” (se pogner le cul).

18. In Quebec, you don’t get ready for something difficult…you “strap your hat on with tie wire” (s’attacher ta tuque avec de la broche).

19. In Quebec, people are not weird …they are a “funny sparrow” (un drôle de moineau).

20. Quebecers don’t think someone is snobby …they “think the person will not be mistaken for a flat 7UP” (se prend pas pour du 7UP flat).

21. Quebecers don’t get very hungry …they “get their tongue on the floor” (avoir la langue à terre).

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