THIS PAST MONTH, YOU MAY HAVE experienced a moment, while walking through a mall or driving in your car, when you thought, “Is there anyone on the planet who isn’t listening to Adele right now?” The answer was actually probably closer to zero than you’d think: iTunes is available in most of the world’s countries, but only 4 didn’t have “Hello” as the number one song in the month of November.

Each month, we put together some of the coolest maps on the internet. This month, we found maps that show us which states can expect to have a White Christmas, which countries have the highest numbers of atheists, which Europeans wash their hands the most thoroughly, and which countries ISIS thinks belong to the “coalition of devils.” And, of course, a map on which countries continue to deny the genius of Adele.


U.S. state birds

The south loves its mockingbirds. Larger version available here. Via Reddit


Wine vs. beer

What do Americans Tweet about more? Wine or beer? Via Reddit


A world of Facebook friends (circa 2010)

Facebook's friend connections. Via Reddit


The currencies of the world's countries

What countries call their currencies. Via Reddit.


Who's reasonably dreaming of a white Christmas

Okay, so you're dreaming of a white Christmas. But how likely is that to happen? Via Reddit.


The world with Cuba at the center

Most maps show the UK at the center of the world. What if they showed Cuba instead? Via Reddit


Where physician-assisted suicides are legal

"Death with dignity" is slowly spreading. Via Reddit.


Which Europeans wash their hands with soap the most

Via © Jakub Marian (overlay), Tindo - (blank map)


Where the impact of terrorism is the worst

From the report this is based on: "The Global Terrorism Index (GTI) is a comprehensive study which accounts for the direct and indirect impact of terrorism in 162 countries in terms of its effect on lives lost, injuries, property damage and the psychological aftereffects of terrorism." Larger version here. Via Reddit.


Where Adele's Hello was number one on iTunes

Niger, Burkina Faso, Papua New Guinea, and Kyrgyzstan were not quite as psyched about Adele as the rest of us. Via Reddit


Where 30% tree cover exists.

The U.S. east coast has managed to stay pretty well forested, despite its population density. Via NASA


The most televised NFL teams by region

Poor Raiders fans. Via Reddit


Countries by number of statues over 30 meters

Who has the most tall statues? Via Reddit


The happiest countries

We should note that when polls are "self-reported," there might be a lot of people lying. Via Reddit.


Old rocks of North America

A larger map is available here, but in short, the redder/purpler the map is, the older the rocks. Via Wikimedia


Countries that most agree with the statement, "People should be able to say offensive things to minorities publicly"

It's either a measure of freedom of speech, or of bigotry, depending on how you look at it. Via Reddit


Where the convinced atheists are

"Convinced," incidentally, is not the same as being non-practicing or just generally irreligious. Via Reddit


The world at war

Note: some of these countries have armed conflicts, but only in a small section of the country. Larger map here. Via Reddit.


Where farmland will migrate by 2100

A slight clarification: the "Areas no longer farmable" is slightly misleading, as these areas may still be farmable, but will be less agriculture-friendly. Via Reddit.


The legality of cannibis worldwide

The slow spread of legalized cannabis. Via Reddit


The deadliest earthquakes since 2150

Note: the title within the picture isn't totally accurate: earthquake intensity and their death tolls are not necessarily the same. But the information is still interesting. Via Reddit.


The "coalition of devils"

The "coalition of devils" according to ISIS. Via Reddit


Countries with the most German speakers

Where has the German diaspora spread most to? Via Reddit


Number of venomous species by country

Which countries have the most poisonous animals? Via Reddit


Prison populations of the world per 100,000 people

Wait for the joke to land. Wait for it... Via Reddit


Secessionist movements in Africa

Which African countries have active secessionist movements? Via Reddit


Sharks vs. Humans

In the war between sharks and humans, who is winning? Via Reddit

h/t: the MapPorn Subreddit.