Aberdeenshire Has the Most Unbelievable Coastline in Scotland. And This Proves It.

by Katie Scott Aiton Jul 23, 2015

ABERDEEN, also known as the Silver City with Golden Sands, sits on the northeast coastal plain of Scotland. Industrialisation and the discovery of North Sea oil in the 1970s has transformed the region into the Energy Capital of Europe. Despite this, the region’s coastline remains unspoilt. From St Cyrus on the edge of Grampian, via the turning point at Kinnaird Head, and on to Findhorn on the Moray coast, Aberdeenshire’s coastline runs for more than 150 miles and covers everything from high cliffs strewn with wildflowers to secluded coves and long sandy dunes.

It’s little surprise that the region has been a popular holiday spot for the royals for centuries.

1. High Tide on Fittie steps, Aberdeen Beach

Sarah Rose

2. A haar over Aberdeen Harbour

Dean Muir

3. Rainbows stretching over Stonehaven

Pedro Ferrer

4. A dramatic view of Dunnottar Castle

Dougie Cunningham

5. Aberdeen Beach at sunset.

Neil Donald

6. ‘Storms ‘a’ bruin’ over the lighthouse at the edge of Aberdeen’s harbour


7. Bow Fiddle Rock, Portknockie

Graeme Wilson

8. A boat house in the dunes at Newburgh Beach


9. Dusty blues near Banff

Herman Schutte

10. Miles of dunes at Balmedie Beach

Neil Donald

11. Crawton Falls near Dunnottar Castle

Iain Brooks

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