Middle East Travel by the Numbers

Israel Jordan Türkiye Narrative
by David Miller May 14, 2009

All photos: Rob Gain

Matador Community member Rob Gain has been traveling throughout the Middle East for the last several months. Here’s his trip so far by the numbers:
  • Days in the Middle East: 76
  • Days without a haircut: 85
  • Countries: 6
  • Friends made: 59
  • Homes invited into: 5
  • Times: robbed: 0
  • …sick: 0
  • …food poisoned: 0
  • Ripped off by cabbies: 3
  • …with help of Israeli border patrol: 1
  • Dates with Muslim girls: 3
  • Marriage proposals by Muslim girls: 1
  • Hours spent on buses circling Turkey: 81
  • Obama sightings in İstanbul: 2
  • Times stopped by Egyptians just to be insulted: 2
  • Candy bars per dollar in Jordan: 7
  • …in Israel:
  • Days passed before I realized it might be a good idea to learn the local language: 1
  • …for reasons other than meeting girls: 37
  • Days to go: 934

Please check out Rob’s blog at Matador for more on his incredible travels + incredible photos.

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