10 Best Hangover Cures in Ottawa

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by Danica Bansie Nov 17, 2015

1. The Colossal Casear at Churchills Pub in Westboro.

After a night out the most important thing to do is get yourself hydrated. There is no better way to initiate your recovery than starting with Canada’s drink, the mighty Caesar. The Colossal Casear from Churchills is made with all your regular suspects plus an added celery stalk, pickle, spicy bean, horse radish, stuffed olive, lime and – the real star – housemade strip of beef jerky. A little hair of the dog goes a long way.

2. Big breakfast at Broadways Bar and Grill.

There are a few Broadways locations in Ottawa, but the best one takes you out to the suburbs. Barrhaven Broadways Take 1 breakfast is what dreams are made of. It’s important to overindulge in the 3 egg, 2 bacon, ham, 2 sausage, 3 toast, and home fries plate of heaven. If last night’s mistakes really need soaking up, ask to hold the toast for extra home fries. Word on the street is the secret ingredient in those home fries is magic.

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3. All the food at Zak’s Diner.

There is a good chance you ended your night of debauchery at Zak’s diner. That is no reason not to start your day – even if it is at 2 in the afternoon – at Zak’s. Roll into Zak’s prepared to hang for a while. Sure they’ve got a solid all day breakfast, but Zak’s poutine and chicken quesadilla could cure a plague. Bring a buddy and order all three! They may offer the bare bones of Casesars, but a little Caesar is just what the doctor ordered.

4. Hangover breakfast at Elgin Street Diner.

Elgin Street Diner is an Ottawa classic, chances are this is your regular breakfast place. Not only was the diner named “Best Diner in Ottawa” but they cater to your post drunk needs like no other diner in the Ottawa region. 24 hour ESD is located, you guessed it, on Elgin street so you can bet you will be surrounded by hungover adults and youths alike… in accordance with the odd family outing. Your best bet is to order the Hangover Breakfast where choosing your bread and eggs is just the beginning. Try out the onion ring poutine or how about philly cheese steak poutine. Top it off with one of their assortments of tea and you’ve got yourself a Sunday.

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5. Cheap breakfast at Summerhays.

Located across from Algonquin College, and diagonal from student housing Summerhays is the ultimate cheap source to boost you liver functions. The one egg breakfast may be a standard but after a night of cash flow the $3.85 breakfast is just what your wallet wants. If you’re in a money spending mood the two egg breakfast will run you $4.40.

6. BFF burger at Burgers n’ Fries Forever.

You might think your best friend is the person who was holding your hair back not even 12 hours ago, or the pal who was air pumping and “buh, buh, buhhh”-ing while fist pumping next to you to Sweet Caroline last night. You’d be wrong. Burgers n’ Fries Forever on Bank street has your back more than any friend could. Big, greasy burgers are to hangovers what Closing Time by Semisonic is to last call. This BFF always comes through!

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7. Frida and Diego and a pint at Chez Lucien.

Chez Lucien is a tiny joint off of Dalhousie street, so tiny that you might walk right by it if the – only identifier – “Bar” sign isn’t lit up, and what a shame that would be. Chez Lucien is great all the time, but especially enjoyable while hungover. Not only can they boast serving the best burger in all of Ottawa, but they also house the best jukebox in all of Ottawa. What this means is, while you are scarfing away the memory of last nights drunk Snapchatting, you can create the ambiance you want. By the time you’ve downed your Frida and Diego Burger and fries – a crowd pleaser – you’ll forget that you are trying to cure anything. By this point you can choose from Chez Luciens large selection of beers, chill out and watch the hockey game they are almost definitely playing.

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8. Gelato at Pure Gelato inside Sugar Mountain.

Maybe grease isn’t your thing. Perhaps your preferred recovery involves riding the hangover wave. A great way to get through your day of feeling like garbage is to treat yourself to gelato at Pure Gelato inside Ottawa’s most popular candy shop, Sugar Mountain. Accompany your gelato stop with a stroll over to the ancient Ottawa Bytowne Theatre to catch an indie or foreign film. A day of solitude combined with the best gelato Ottawa has to offer is a sure fire way to get you feeling better than worse. But make sure you get the two scoops and waffle cone. Hangovers aren’t cured by one scoop bowls.

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9. Bacon poutine at Smokes.

Next to hunting down your friend with the best green hookup, a definite way to insure waking up will be bearable is a final nights splurge at Smokes Poutine. The line will be out the door, but it moves fast. Smokes offers almost too many options, and if your inebriation inhibits you from making a decision just make sure “regular bacon poutine” rolls off your tongue when you get to the cash. You will be swimming in bacon, gravy and cheese. There will be fries, but they’ll be hard to notice.

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10. Shawarma like a king at Castle Shawarma.

Sometimes you need to begin the healing process before the healing is required. Out of the hundreds of shawarma restaurants in Ottawa, Castle Shawarma on Rideau street wins the crown. The line will be long but well worth the wait. Pay $5 for a necessary bottle of water and regular sized chicken shawarma. Though the Castle Shawarma hummus is drool worthy, you would be a fool not to douse that bad boy in spicy garlic sauce. The guys working the counter will try to tell you they are all out of tabouleh, but you can always sweet talk yourself into their secret stash. And you should.

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