10 Epic Food Trucks You Have to Try in Boston

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by Dayana Aleksandrova Nov 23, 2015

1. Roxy’s Grilled Cheese

Is it a cloud? Is it heaven? It’s Roxy’s grilled cheese! God bless whoever came up with the idea of driving this magical truck full of warm, gooey cheese sandwiches in the Boston cold! Dive face-first into a Classic melt and thank me later. Oh, you’re a vegan? Cool, how about a Vegan rookie melt for you? Lil’ Roxy’s got you covered.

2. Slide by food truck

Picture this: a juicy slider bursting with sultry melted cheese and crunchy pickle flavor…you in the mood yet? Does the hip city kid in you crave a side of gourmet veggies? Stay put and let the Slide By Truck come to you. Lobster rolls, bacon sliders, “the Blackjack”, you name it – they have 7 different options, garnished a choice of french fries, chips or fresh Kaleslaw!

3. Big Daddy Hot Dogs

Wave hello to a favorite American classic. Big Daddy hotdogs’ crew can’t wait to throw a fat one on the grill for you. Spotted on Tuesday’s at Copley Square, Big Daddy has Boylston’s starving bankers, students and business professionals flocking to the brilliant, metalic truck, waving around them bills in exchange for some grilled sausage in a warm, comforting bun.

4. Clover Food Lab

You track that truck on the map and you follow it at all cost! Clover isn’t your typical fast food camión. A self-described “food lab,” Clover takes simple ingredients to a whole new level, developing and perfecting flavors, while remaining health-conscious. Clover’s shockingly-expedient 3.5 minute order preparation makes it easy to try everything: from their turnip soup, to the Brussels sprout sandwich and gourmet coffee.

5. Bon Me

Boston ain’t Asia, but Bon got Me hooooked! The Vietnamese-style cuisine housed in this mobile truck serves rice bowls, noodle salads and sandwiches as main dishes, complimented by fillings of your choice: Chinese BBQ pork, miso-braised pulled pork or roasted soy and paprika tofu, cilantro peppercorn chicken and many others.

6. Tea station

Who said food trucks were just about chewable food? If you, like me, love you some tapioca-bubbles on the bottom of a delicious, fruity glass of bubble tea, look out for this guy. Smoothly cruising in his green truck, this man is the keeper of the sought-after milk tea so ask nicely and you can get a glass to sweeten up your sour Monday morning.

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7. Chicken and Rice Guys

Crispy chicken all day, every day, baby! Often spotted at the Harvard University plaza, these guys are always to the rescue when hunger strikes. Don’t think that chicken is the only thing they serve though! A line of hungry people surrounds the truck, waiting for lamb gyros, tofu salad, baklava and pita, so whatever you’re in the mood for, they’ve got you covered.

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8. The Cookie Monstah

Rawr! The layers of decadent cookie dough, chocolate and caramel will turn you into a proper monster. I mean, how could you resist the ginger molasses cookie with pumpkin ice cream…In the words of Archer, SPLOOSH!

9. Frozen Hoagies

Sweet tooth-ers, rejoice! I had no idea what the hell a “frozen hoagie” was, but once I had one from the white and pink truck in Somerville, I couldn’t get enough. Imagine your favorite chewy cookie, but padded with a layer of nutella and black raspberry ice cream in the middle! Every bite is so sweet, so rich, so refreshing! These hoagies are food porn, you definitely can not take them home to your mama.

10. Stoked Pizza

Are you ready to get pumped about the best pizza that ever came out of a truck? Stoked isn’t your old frozen pizza heated up in a moving vehicle, no sir! This authentic, wood fired pizza is so gourmet, you’ll ditch the North End restaurants. Grab a pristinely-baked Buffalo cauliflower pie and go explore the city. All I want for Christmas is for the Stoked truck to show up at my doorstep and feed me pizza till I can’t remember what my name is.

Gettin’ stoked w/ some Buffalo Cauliflower Pizza! 🍕😋

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