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10 Signs You Were Born and Raised in Peru

by Isabel Guerra Sep 15, 2015

1. You don’t have friends. You have “patas,” “choches,” “yuntas,” “puntas,” “cuñaos,” “causas,” or “bróders.”

2. You understand the many possible meanings of the word “huachafo.” Don’t be huachafo!

3. You have chicha morada instant packs stored in your kitchen.

4. Half of your sentences end in “oye!”

5. You sincerely believe that Inca Kola “con todo combina.”

6. You know that “China” is also a means of payment.

7. When another Peruvian explains something and you finally get it, you exclaim: “ah, yaaaaaa!”

8. You’ve always been taught that punctuality is the courtesy of the kings… but since we Peruvians don’t have kings and are not from royal descent, we (and you) are always late.

9. You are 1,000% sure that Peruvian Ceviche is the most exquisite dish around not only the planet Earth, but also around our Solar System and Milky way as well.

10. You can’t be convinced that Pisco and Pisco-Sour (our national liquor and our flagship drink) are anything but 100% Peruvian.

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