11 Best Hangover Cures in Honolulu

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by Jill Meinecke Nov 13, 2015

1. Coco puffs from Liliha Bakery.

You walk into Liliha Bakery, sunglasses on, woefully hungover on a Sunday morning. The only thing that can make the 30-minute wait for a table better is picking up a few Coco Puffs from the bakery. Chocolate custard cream puffs are heaven-sent.

And I actually shared! Mahalo @na_manu_ikaika for the much needed sugar rush for tonight’s study sesh #LilihaBakery #CocoaPuffs #StraightToTheHips #ILickTheChantilly

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2. Oxtail soup at Asahi Grill.

Fatty oxtail, piping hot broth and bright cilantro is just what the doctor ordered for your hangover. Plus, Asahi Grill’s no frills atmosphere is perfect for when you just want to fly under the radar post party.

#honolulu #hawaiigourmet #tale #hawaii #asahigrill #yummy

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3. Dim sum at Happy Days Seafood Restaurant.

Bring on the fatty pork shumai, steamed manapua and shrimp and chive dumplings. Be sure to flag down the dim sum cart-pusher for pan-fried char siu look fun with hoisin sauce. Service is prompt and quick, so you and your hangover won’t have to suffer long waiting for your favorite dim sum cart to stroll by.

#dimsum #happydayschineserestaurant #happydaysdimsum #teddyandshiho #postworkout

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4. Kimchi Jjigae at Seoul Garden Yakiniki.

Spicy Kimchi Jjigae, a Korean soup consisting of tofu, scallions, kimchi, pork and spicy gochujang, will you have you sweating out whatever ails you. If you’re lucky, the boss-lady auntie will be instructing her servers to shower you with loads of delicious banchan, or house made side dishes.

Kimchee soup @ Seoul Garden Yakiniku! #yakiniku #kimchee #soup #koreancuisine #seoulgardenyakiniku

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5. Bloody Mary at Duke’s.

You were probably at Duke’s last night enjoying one too many of their famous mai tais with your toes in the sand. Good for you, but even better for you for coming back to cure your hangover with their spicy Bloody Mary.

#spicy #bloodymary #jalapeno #dukes #dukeswaikiki #waikiki #honolulu #hawaii #blackboxwinemavens #breakfast

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6.“Because Chris ‘The Situation’ Tai Wanted It” at Home Bar & Grill.

Seriously? Loaded tots? This one’s a no brainer: tator tots covered in nacho cheese, sour cream, jalapenos, black olives, green onions, salsa and bacon. Truly a situation.

😍 #homebarandgrill #holyshit

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7. Spicy fried chicken at Side Street Inn on Da Strip.

When you’re hungover, you don’t want to think. All you need is some downhome ambiance, maybe some hair of the dog that bit ya and an order of spicy fried chicken.

8. Pho at Pho Saigon.

Ask pretty much anyone their go-to hangover cure in Honolulu, and 9 times out of 10 you’ll hear one word: Pho. Pho Saigon gets it just right with steaming hot broth, rare beef, tripe and all the fixings.

#pho #asianfood #HonoluluLiving

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9. Teddy’s Original with garlic butter fries at Teddy’s Bigger Burgers.

If there’s anything that’s up for the job of soaking up the booze in your belly, it’s definitely a burger from Teddy’s Bigger Burgers. Pair the original with some garlic butter fries and feel yourself rejuvenate from within.

10. Milk and Cereal Pancakes at Scratch Kitchen & Bake Shop.

Gone are the days of boring ‘ol milk and cereal, especially when nursing a hangover. Frosted flake pancakes topped with “milk syrup” and fresh berries is your playful childhood classic hangover remedy.

current status 🐽🐷 #scratchkitchenandbakeshop milk and cereal pancakes!!! 👌🏼😊🌺 💃🏻. #yummers #brunch #chinatown

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11. The Koko Moko Skillet at Koko Head Café.

Koko Head Café’s inventive menu is perfect for the hungover partier who’s still feeling adventurous the morning after. Their Koko Moco is what dreams are made of: local beef patty smothered in mushroom gravy, topped with a sunny egg over rice. Yes, please.

I’ll take anything served in a skillet. Thanks Chef Lee Anne Wong! #kokomoco #crispyriceFTW 🍳

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