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The 14 Funniest Expressions in Peruvian Spanish (and How to Use Them)

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by Isabel Guerra Sep 15, 2015

1. A Peruvian does not describe his/her partner as “controlling.” Instead they are “long jackets,” (“Ese es un saco largo.”)


2. Peruvians don’t get pissed off about something; they “get roasted,” (“Y entonces nos asamos.”)


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3. Peruvians don’t suddenly need to pee; they need to use a sump pump. (“Tengo que achicar la bomba.”)


4. Peruvians don’t have “affairs.” They are “players” and “have a trap.” (“Ese tipo es un jugador, y tiene su trampa.”)


5. A Peruvian does not make a mistake; he “gets egged,” (“Él se hueveó.”) But if it was a real bad mistake, then he “shits it,” (“ya la cagué!”).


6. Peruvian friends don’t pool money to pay for drinks; they “make a pig,” (“Hacemos una chancha”).


7. Peruvians don’t just punch someone, they “take someone’s shit off,” (“Le va a sacar la mierda.”)


8. Peruvians don’t have a one-night stand: they have a “hit and run,” (“Lo de ellos fue choque y fuga.”)


9. Peruvians do not suffer from bad luck. They “are pineapple,” (“Soy piña”).


10. Peruvians don’t go to a party. They “have a tone,” (“Tengo un tono hoy”).


11. Peruvians don’t come immediately. They come “at the touch” (“Voy al toque”).


12. When Peruvians leave, they don’t just leave, they “take themselves off,” (“Ella se quitó”).


13. A Peruvian thief is not a thief: he “is a mussel” (“Ése es choro”).


14. A Peruvian is not bisexual; he is “double-edged” (“Es de doble filo”).

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