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The 8 Best Hangover Cures in Denver

Food + Drink
by Tim Wenger Nov 9, 2015

1. Breakfast burrito and hair of the dog at Benny’s.

Sloppy breakfast burritos are best accompanied by red beer or Bloody Mary’s. Benny’s has some of the strongest Bloodys in town and if Cap Hill or East Colfax is where you get wild at night, Benny’s is walking distance in case you need to swing by and pick up your cell phone or credit card.

Sloppy Burrito wasn’t wrong…just what the doctor ordered #KatesHungry

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2. Mexican Hamburger at Sam’s No. 3.

Hangovers and green chili go together like baseball and peanuts, and Sam’s No. 3 even adds tater tots to the mix to make your meal a grand slam. They also realize that Denver is immensely spread out, so they have opened multiple locations so you can get your hangover fix without driving all over town.

3. The Franklin at Denver Biscuit Company.

Ah, biscuits. This sandwich is not only great for replenishing carbs and protein but is also a hipster’s taste of the south- fried chicken, biscuits, and gravy in handheld fashion and conveniently served on either Colfax or South Broadway. It doesn’t hurt that Denver Biscuit Company’s host restaurant, The Atomic Cowboy, makes a killer bloody.

4. The 7 Pound Burrito at Jack-N-Grill.

Yes, it’s the one from Man Vs. Food, and yes, it will kick your ass right back into shape. If you get a third of the way through, you’ll be so full of eggs, meat, potatoes, cheese, and chili that you will have completely forgotten about the pounding headache that brought you in.

It’s ABOUT…TO GO…DOWN! 7LB BURRITO CHALLENGE #mvf #torto vs #burrito #fatboyproblems #willneedanapforsure

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5. English Breakfast with Scottish Tea at Argyll Whiskey Bar.

A little Dewar’s in the morning will perfectly settle your stomach after you down some homemade sausage, eggs, mushrooms, and tomato slices at Argyll. In fact, have a few and you won’t even remember your epic bar-top rendition of “Sweet Caroline” from the night before.

6. Live jazz and Denver’s best Bloody Mary bar at Dazzle.

The only problem here is that you will be enticed to dancefloor on the way back from the bloody bar, meaning that your food might get cold. But that’s ok- just add another dollop of hot sauce and you’re good to go.


Photo: Dazzle

7. Ska and eggs at Southside Bar Kitchen on Saturdays.

Southside Bar and Kitchen may have finally uncovered why so many ska bands sing about drinking- both go so well with brunch! You can sit on the patio and down your eggs while listening to two-tone and watching the characters of Colfax crawl by.

8. Beignets and a true southern breakfast at Lucile’s Creole Café.

There’s a reason why this place has a wait nearly every morning. Bringing real soul food to Denver’s breakfast scene, Lucille’s has dishes that are hard to find this side of the Mississippi. They’ll even give you a shrimp in your Bloody Mary.

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