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These Illustrations for the Collective Nouns of Animals Are Super Charming

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by Perkins & Morley Dec 6, 2015

A CIRCUS OF PUFFINS, a parliament of owls, a romp of otters — the collective nouns for groups of animals are often as sweet as they are quirky. These illustrations are by Jan Morley of Perkins & Morley, who says:

“I love designing this range – the collectives are so interesting with all sorts of different nouns to choose from for each animal. The collective nouns can also change depending on what activity the animal is doing. For example, when seals are sitting on a rock it is a plump of seals but if they are in the sea then it is a bob of seals.”

So next time you see a group of crows? You’ll know how to call them by their right (and appropriate) name.

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