Matador partners with Vidora, a next generation video distribution platform and discovery tool.

AT MATADOR, one of our biggest initiatives is helping support travel journalists and adventurers who are innovating and telling new stories through video. Just yesterday, for example, we profiled Matador Ambassador Shon Bollock’s usage of unmanned aerial vehicles in his kayaking videos. We believe that over the next few years, low-cost, pro-level tools — from GoPros to Zoom H2 audio recorders to Phantom UAVs — will bring an era of independent filmmaking and visual storytelling unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

As more and more video is produced, however, an important step both for viewers and content creators is finding the right content, and making sure your content is found. This is why Matador is so stoked to be partnering with Vidora.

vidora screenshot

What is Vidora?

Caltech PhD and Vidora Founder Alex Holub describes Vidora as “a next generation video platform targeted to mobile devices which uses machine learning to provide a great video discovery experience and provide publishers with analytics and data around who is watching their content.” Since its launch last week, Vidora has continued to be #1 in the “New and Noteworthy Entertainment” section of the app store.

What does Vidora do?

Vidora combines several key functions into an unprecedented viewing / discovery experience for video. First, it allows you to draw broadly from video sources — from Netflix to iTunes to Hulu to Amazon Prime to YouTube to Yahoo, as well as a number of partners such as Vice and Matador — and then, depending on your selections, Vidora uses machine learning to curate additional suggestions, similar to the functionality of Pandora. It all takes place within a clean, elegant interface that can be mirrored to Apple TV via Airplay, turning your mobile device into the ultimate “remote control” for navigating shows as opposed to squinting at a TV screen across the room.

This is what Holub seemed the most excited about, saying, “The experience of mirroring tablet content to the TV is magical for viewers and we think is the future of how people will watch TV.”

Vidora is planning to develop an Android version of Vidora for devices that support Miracast.

What does Vidora mean for content owners / creators?

One of Vidora’s goals is to “work closely with premium content owners to build the tools they need to promote and monetize their content to the right audiences.” The platform will provide deep analytics to help you market to your viewers, and there will be multiple monetization models including advertising, pay-per-click, and subscriptions. Vidora has a page directed toward content owners for more information.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Matador Network channel in Vidora, and please enjoy the gallery below.



Categories are based on genre or service and laid out in an easy-to-navigate grid.



Tapping on an item brings up a synopsis plus related suggestions.


Super elegant navigation

Vidora has a very clean UI for playback, with simple thumbs up / down and 'add' options to help personalize your experience.


TV capability

For those with Apple TVs, Vidora connects via Airplay, allowing you to mirror directly to TV. Plans are in development to create an Android version that supports Miracast, meaning other devices will be capable of displaying through Vidora soon.