LAST YEAR I ORDERED SOME RETRO LENSES from Dog Schidt Optics. I use them quite a lot in my video and photography work. I have never really been keen on the clean digital look so I try to get rid of it, one way or another. I guess my interest in older lenses began in film school when we got the chance to shoot a short film on 16mm film together with some old Arri prime lenses.

Photo: My Dog Schidt Optics (38mm, 58mm and 88mm). The lenses on the sides are wide and tele converters to the 58mm lens. Anders Lonnfeldt

Photo: The 38mm converter attached to the 58mm lens. Anders Lonnfeldt

Only when I had tried different kinds of lenses did I realize just how different looks one can achieve. I thought that the look was only built in the post process. Partly it is, but together with certain lenses, you really get a special look. The more I can do while I shoot, the better. You will see differences in sharpness, bokeh, flares, colour etc.

In some productions when I use my Canon lenses or other newer lenses I often use a filter in front of the lens. Filters are also great for achieving certain kinds of looks.

Photo: My set of Canon lenses. Anders Lonnfeldt

When I shoot photography I always use my Canon 5D Mark III camera and connect the retro lenses to the camera. I also shoot some of my video projects with the Canon 5D Mark III, but when the project allows I rather rent a more proper motion camera like the Canon C100 or the RED Scarlet.

Photo: My Canon 5D Mark III together with Dog Schidt Optiks and the Atomos Shogun recorder. Anders Lonnfeldt

So how do I connect old lenses to new cameras? You only need an adapter. When I got my lenses the adapter was included. But you can also get adapters online and they aren’t even that expensive.

Here is some of my work done with the Dog Schidt Optiks retro lenses.

The following music video is totally shot on Dog Schidt Optiks on locations in Los Angeles and Las Vegas: