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10 Food and Drinks You Need to Try on a Trip to Richmond, VA

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by Emma Bryant May 18, 2017

Tacos with a twist

Food and drinks Richmond, VA

Photo: Don’tLook Back

“Craft tacos” in Richmond are small tacos in an array of different styles. Try one “American Style” at Boka Tako Bar — your choice of meat topped with chipotle-ginger barbeque, onion, cheese, nappa, and sherry aioli. For more traditional, enjoy the best carnitas tacos at Don’t Look Back.

Trendy juice

Food and drinks Richmond, VA

Photo: North End Juice Co.

Health-conscious Richmonders swear by their bright popular juices, which are a blend of fruits, veggies, and superfoods. Grab one at Ellwood Thompson’s Local Market or walk-up to Northend Juice Co. for your fix of kale, wheatgrass, pineapple, lemon, and apple.

Local brews

Food and drinks Richmond, VA

Photo: Stone Brewing

With more than 24 craft breweries in Richmond, there’s something for every taste. For unique beers, check out Strangeways Brewing. Hop lovers make their stop at Stone Brewing, and for those who love ambience just as much as a cold beer, head to the Triple Crossing Fulton Bottom location.

Masterpiece cocktails

Food and drinks Richmond, VA

Photo: Belle & James

Soak up some Virginia culture at The Poe Museum, Virginia Museum of Fine Art, or the Science Museum, then drop into Amuse at the VMFA for a list of cocktails inspired by the special exhibition of the moment. The Jet Set Sour, inspired by the Yves Saint Laurent exhibition, blends Rittenhouse Rye, bergamot syrup, lemon, and red port. Find more cocktail masterpieces on the menu at Belle & James.

Comfort food

Food and drinks Richmond, VA

Photo: Samuel Dixon Photography via Comfort

Richmond takes southern comfort food to the next level by bringing a high-end flair to traditional plates. Fill up on mac n’ cheese, potato salad, and perfectly cooked pork tenderloin at Comfort. For another approach to southern cooking, head to Lunch or Supper and check out the Ploughman’s Lunch.

The best burger

There’s an ongoing debate in the city of Richmond as to who serves the best burger, but if you want a greasy meaty burger topped with onion rings then check out Boulevard Burgers and Brews. For those with a more refined burger palate, visit the New Zealand inspired Burger Bach, then add to the debate at Citizen Burger Bar with locally-sourced beef and indulgent add-on possibilities.

Bread & pastries

Food and drinks Richmond, VA

Photo: WPA Bakery

You can try all the best pastries in Richmond within one square mile in the Church Hill neighborhood. Head to WPA Bakery on a Saturday morning to try their larger-than-life sticky buns. Then make the rounds to Sub Rosa Bakery for wood-fired bread, and top off your morning with a stop at Proper Pie Co. for sweet and savory hand pies.

Unique ice cream

When the summer heat hits in Richmond, Virginia, nothing tastes better than a few scoops of ice cream. But don’t just go for vanilla, how about cereal milk or even black ice cream? You’ll find a rotation of flavors at Charm School Social Club. But for the best ice cream in Richmond, dig into in the freezer at the nearest corner store. That’s where you’ll find a coveted Nightingale ice cream sandwich. Try the Fat Elvis or Blueberry Donut.

Freshly-roasted coffee

Wherever you are in Richmond, you’ll probably be so close to local coffee you can smell it. The hipsters flock to Lamplighter, the locals to Black Hand, and the downtown crowd swears by Sefton. Each has its own signature roast to satisfy even the most discriminating coffee drinker.

Cuban brunch

Food and drinks Richmond, VA

Photo: Kuba-Kuba

Brunch is a way of life in Richmond, but the best kind in town doesn’t come with a side of bacon. It’s served with plantains. Visit family-owned Kuba Kuba for the best meal you’ll have in Richmond, just order anything under the label “Huevos.” Finish off your brunch with a Cuban coffee and a slice of Tres Leches Cake.

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