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The 10 Most Fun Types of People You Can Date in NYC

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by Lily Rouff Aug 21, 2017

NEW YORK CITY is all about connections. In a city overflowing with ambitious young singles, there is a dating pool full of professionals with the keys to unlock unlimited doors. Here are the 10 most fun to date–everyone from the people who “look good on paper” to the ones that will make your parents question your choices…

1. IG Influencer/Blogger

The food scene in NYC is one of the best in the world. There are restaurants that cost upwards of $600/head for a meal, restaurants where you’ll wait over a year to get a table and restaurants that are so underground, you’ll likely never hear of them (unless you have an in). Apparently, it is an awful idea to date a chef, since they’re married to their work, so, how do you get into Manhattan’s top restaurants? Instagram Influencers. I know this Influencer who runs a food blog and popular Instagram account. His follower count alone gets him invites to top restaurants, sometimes for private dinners before they have even opened, where the chef personally cooks him the best meals on the menu… all so he can take pictures and craft a social media post. Free fancy dinners with a person whose official job it is to eat fancy dinners. Yes.


Everyone who lives in New York has some celebrity hook up story. During my senior year of college at NYU I knew at least 5 girls who had hooked up with John Mayer. The guy notoriously known for being a creepy online dater, Nev Schulman of Catfish fame, asked me out and then called me a bad communicator. My friend dated pre-breakdown Lindsay Lohan for a solid two months. Celebrities come to New York because we treat them like normal people, and what do normal people do? Date normal people. As the New York Lottery commercials used to say, “It could happen to you!”

Bartender/Club Owner

Going out is fun. Paying for drinks and waiting in long lines is the opposite of fun. The case for dating a bartender or club owner is a strong one. You’ll be able to hook your friends up with tables whenever they want, never wait on line, frequent the hottest spots and clean out a bar’s top shelf inventory without ever touching your wallet. Plus, everyone knows that hanging out at the bar with the staff post-close is when the real party gets going. You might even make it onto Page Six someday.


New York is swimming with celebrities. Sure, you could spot them around town, ogle them for a bit, maybe work up the nerve to say hi (don’t say hi, we pretend we don’t see them here) and get a selfie to impress all your friends back home. But, what if you could actually hang out with them? New York City writers and journalists are amongst the top in their profession. They’re writing for some of the biggest publications and with that comes access to exclusive invite-only events. Like the MET Gala, The VMAs, bougie Hamptons affairs; there is no shortage, year-round, for these celeb-spotted parties. Somebody will very likely need a date.

Personal Trainer

My gym membership is $80/month, and that is considered cheap here. I heard rumors of magical lands outside of Manhattan where people pay $10/month, or do things like run outside, in nature. The gym membership isn’t where it ends in NYC, the place where the standard is never cool enough. There’s always some new trendy boutique workout studios popping up every week with $40 classes. So how do you keep up? You date a fitness trainer and make working out part of your coupled-up routine. I know, there is this “meathead” reputation for trainers, but Manhattan demands its fitness coaches be influential, charismatic, educated entrepreneurs. And they’re hot, which was too obvious a point to lead with.


Apartment hunting in New York City is hell. For the most part, you are faced with a 5-floor walk up to a closet-sized space (without actual closets), in a dilapidated old building, with a toilet located ever so conveniently in the kitchen. Great listings are hard to come by, despite hours of combing through sites like StreetEasy, CitiHabitats and Craigslist… And when you finally do find one you like, you call the apartment broker to find out that the listing you are looking at is no longer available but they’d be willing to show you a “really awesome,” probably rat-infested “similar” option. All your emailing will land you on every broker email blast, resulting in an inbox full of spam. Screw that. Date a realtor and cut through the bullshit. That might be the smartest decision you could ever make as a Manhattanite.


As legendary New Yorker, Frank Sinatra, pointed out: if you can make it here, you’ll make it anywhere. Entrepreneurs are drawn to New York for the variety of opportunities, creativity and funding. The city has served as the launch pad for many a small business. Dating an entrepreneur is dating a networking maven. They might not have all the money in the world (right now), but their ambition and creative potential could make you guys the next Bey and Jay (Hey, it’s all about aiming high).


Finance guys get a pretty bad rep in NYC, but we have the hub of all financial hubs, Wall Street, so we have a lot of them. Usually, my eyes glaze over when someone says they work in finance (admittedly because I do not understand what they do), but there are benefits to dating them. Do you know how to best invest your extra cash? I certainly don’t. What about doing your taxes? They can take care of that for you.

Usually, these guys and girls run in snazzy circles, lapping up the best that the upper-middle class has to offer… like shares in Hamptons houses. Not bad if you’re into that sort of thing (champagne, money, cars, money).


There is this popular notion that doctors and lawyers are the ultimate catch. Sure, the career is prestigious and they can make a lot of money, but let’s not be so shallow. The real reason to date a doctor or lawyer is for their heart. My best friend is a doctor, and I have met a LOT of them through her, enough to make the educated statement that most people go into the profession (which is wildly time- consuming — a possible set back to dating one) because they genuinely want to help others; a somewhat rare find amongst the largely cynical New York set. I know a lot of lawyers that subscribe to the same do-gooder mentality. For you, that not only means a loving partner, but one that can introduce you to a lot of humanitarian organizations and causes (hello top notch volunteer work). Another bonus? It can feel impossible to find a good doctor or lawyer in NYC, so they’re your instant in for referrals to the city’s best.

Stylist/Hair Dresser/Makeup Artist

Simply put, New Yorkers are generally fashionable. There’s a lot that goes into the seemingly effortless chic style; buying the right wardrobe, getting your hair styled and having your makeup done are jarringly expensive here (ever paid $150 for a trim?). Dating a stylist, hairdresser or makeup artist is an instant boost to your look.

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