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10 Things That Only Wisconsinites Find Funny

by Katie Hinkfuss Jun 18, 2018

Wisconsinites see the world in a unique way and our sense of humor is no different. If you are visiting the state and find yourself confused about a punchline keep in mind that Wisconsinites are so nice that even though you may not 100% understand what we are all laughing at, you can rest assured we’re are not laughing you. Here are 10 things that only Wisconsinites find funny.

1. When non-Wisconsinites freak out about a little snow.

It’s a snowflake, it’s a snowstorm, the world is ending! When other states shut everything down and act like the apocalypse has come due to a little dusting, we can’t help but chuckle to ourselves.

2. Saying Milwaukee’s skyline is like Chicago’s.

That new Northwestern Mutual building…that’s going to do the trick. Watch out, Windy City! Before you know it, you’ll be in our shadow.

3. When WI kids realize Chicago is not actually full of evil people.

We’ve all seen that little cheesehead who suddenly has the light bulb go off and realizes that just because everyone is continuously cursing Chicago sports teams, the actual people who live there are generally pretty nice and normal.

4. The reactions from out-of-towners when they see a deer tied to the top of a car or waiting on the side of the road.

First comes concern, then confusion then resignation when they see it a half dozen more times. Bonus: seeing their face when they hear everything that will be made from the deer.

5. When we see the pitiful cheese sections at stores out of state.

We can’t help but laugh when we see what grocery stores out of state try to pass off as cheese sections. If it doesn’t take at least 10 minutes to find the exact age of cheddar we want, we can’t be bothered to take it seriously.

6. When we see an out-of-town license plate and it starts to snow.

Poor thing, they have no idea what’s coming. And, yup, they just spun out.

7. When people ask us if Lakes Michigan and Superior are actually lakes.

We understand they’re really big and you can’t always see to the other side but come on, they’re called The Great Lakes for a reason!

8. John McGivern.

This Milwaukee-born comedian makes jokes so specific to life in the cheese state that if you didn’t grow up here, you would think this random guy was just obsessed about talking about Catholic schools and nuns.

9. Hearing old Wisconsinites talk about their childhoods.

When I was a kid… we’ve all heard that line from old folks but we know in Wisconsin that it’s going to involve a lot of snow and walking really far to school. And every time there is suddenly more snow and their school was much farther than the last time they told the story.

10. Every time we get stuck in a traffic jam over 20 minutes…

We have to laugh at ourselves for getting worked up over some little back-up that barely lasted 5 minutes home in Wisconsin.

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