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The 13 Best Places to Catch Sunset in Washington DC

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by Nicole Sunderland May 9, 2017

WASHINGTON, DC is roughly 68.3 square miles of government buildings, monuments, museums, high-rise apartment complexes, amazing restaurants, hotels and epic sunsets. The city is busy during the day with museum goers, monument lovers, foodies galore, and comes alive at just before dark when sunset ripples in reds, pinks, oranges and purples across the sky. Here are the 13 best places to catch the natural light show.

1. The Washington Monument

This is probably the most photographed view of DC sunsets, and with the monument in the pic, maybe the coolest.

2. Yards Park over the bridge

Capture the sun in all its glory shape-shifting over the round bridge.

3. Steps of the United States Capitol

Looking out from the steps, you get a clear view down the National Mall of the sky and the Washington Monument.

4. Rooftop of Embassy Row Hotel

You can go on their rooftop and see most of the city in the summer when they open their pool and offer silent disco parties.


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5. World War II Memorial

If you compose your sunset photo just right, you can get the fountains of the World War II Memorial AND the Washington Monument in the same shot.

6. The Balcony of the Kennedy Center

If you’re at a show, check out the balcony views that overlook the city to watch as the sun disappears into the night.

7. Reflecting Pool at the Lincoln Memorial

8. Tidal Basin overlooking the Jefferson Memorial

If you happen to be strolling along the water during sunset, you might photograph an amazing reflection in the water of both the memorial and the colorful sky.

9. DNV Rooftop Lounge

Not only a pool but amazing views atop the hotel.

10. Air Force Memorial

This memorial is right outside of Washington, DC in Arlington but it overlooks the entire city. You can see most of the monuments and the Capitol Building from this view or just look straight up at the Memorial for the sunset beyond.


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11. W Hotel, rooftop POV

This will be your best chance at photographing the sunset over the Washington Monument from higher up.

12. The National Mall

With the Capitol Building on one end and the Washington Monument on the other, you can sit on the open grassy area and take in the sunset stretching the full length of the mall down to the Washington Monument.

13. Georgetown Waterfront Park

From this vantage point, you will have views of the Potomac River and the Francis Scott Key Bridge below your DC sunset.

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