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14 Unbearably Romantic Places Around the World to Get Engaged

by Kate Siobhan Mulligan Oct 17, 2017

Romance means different things to different types of people, but there are certain places around the world that just evoke dreamy, warm feelings in nearly all of us. You don’t have to travel to propose, but if you want to, here are 14 places around the world that will make your already romantic proposal completely unforgettable.

Lago de Atilian, Guatemala


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Hazy sunrises, rolling hills, flat water. At sunrise, you’ll be all alone, in the peace, quiet, and colors of the morning.

The Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

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It feels like standing on the edge of the Earth. These cliffs are a sheer drop into the Atlantic ocean and inspiration for the “Cliffs of Insanity” in the movie “The Princess Bride”. Just don’t drop the ring

Petra, Jordan

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If you’re travelers, few places are as drenched in the atmosphere of adventure as Petra. Yes, it’s from Indian Jones, and for many people, that’s enough. But it is also ancient, massive, mysterious, and when it’s lit up by only candlelight, it’s otherworldly. When you arrive for the after-dark event, the carved pathways that lead to Petra (about a fifteen minute walk) are also all lit up by candles. Arrive early and propose before the crowds arrive.

Paris, France

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Yes, you’ve seen it before. It doesn’t change the fact that the Eiffel Tower evokes all sorts of emotions: wonder, wanderlust, nostalgia, and yes, romance. It’s simply too symbolic to cast aside. So go ahead, get engaged in Paris. It’s a popular choice for all the right reasons.

Banff, Canada

Clear waters of Peyto Lake in Alberta Canada

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The Rocky Mountains of Alberta, which span into British Columbia, are the crown of Canada. Sparkling glacial mountains and jewel blue lakes make Banff and the surrounding areas the perfect place to get all gooey. Breathe in that cold clean air and ask what you came here to ask. Sunrise is quieter than sunset – but bundle up (even in the summer). Seen here is the viewpoint of Peyto Lake.

London Bridge, UK

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Iconic. Propose on it, or with it in view. People have been doing it for centuries – join the tradition.

Machu Picchu, Peru

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Stand on top of the world and declare your love. Don’t do it at sunrise unless you can get away from the crowds. Instead, find a quiet spot later in the day when people have dispersed – though you aren’t allowed to stay until true sunset (because of, you know, falling down sheer cliff faces). Or, climb the towering Wanu Picchu and propose on the peak above Machu for extra effect. Though, your partner might be sweaty from the ascent. Your call.

Pretty much anywhere in Iceland

Couple wearing Icelandic sweaters

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You’d be surrounded by mountains, ocean, glaciers, and all the wild of Iceland. Alternatively, you could choose from the blue lagoon, a hundred different enormous waterfalls, or the glacier beach with bits of ice washing ashore. Choose your own adventure with this one.

Rialto Bridge, Venice

Rialto bridge in Venice

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Another classic. Some might pop the question from a gondola, but that’s a bit tough on the wallet these days. Instead, clamber onto the famous bridge at dawn when it’s quiet, or simply embrace the chaos. If this bridge is too much, there’s plenty – I mean plenty – of smaller ones to choose from.

Chiang Mai’s Lantern Festival, Thailand

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I don’t know what makes candlelight so romantic but damn, it is. So when thousands of people gather to release lanterns together in Chiang Mai, it’s kind of astoundingly beautiful.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Fransisco

Couple at sunset with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background

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Another iconic spot to begin your lives together.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Get into the sky by going up in a hot air balloon at sunrise in Turkey. You can do this in a few places – the outback, Myanmar, or on a safari for example – but something about Cappadocia is just so enticing.

Times Square, New York City

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Get into the chaos and let it all melt away. Times Square has the ability to feel like the center of the universe, so it’s likely that no one will even notice and you’ll somewhat be blissfully “alone”.

Proposal under the Milky Way

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Or just get away from city lights, anywhere, and propose under the milky way. 

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