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3 Businesses Changing How Millennials Are Traveling

Budget Travel
by David D'Angelo May 24, 2017

I HAD recently returned from a cross-country road trip, and already I wanted to go on another adventure. After sitting at my work desk — the day dragging on — I came across a flight from Salt Lake City to Amsterdam and back for $342. It was a staggering $1000 cheaper than the normal fare.

I booked it immediately.

In April, I went on that trip and explored the Netherlands, Belgium, and Portugal over two weeks. It was one of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve ever had in Europe. And it was all because I jumped on that short-lived flight deal.

My advice: Stop choosing destinations and start choosing opportunities. Let that unexpected deal determine where you journey to next. Because true adventure begins when you go where you never thought you would.

Here are three businesses that really enable you to travel this way:

  • Jack of all Fares finds the world’s cheapest flights and shares them with you weekly to inspire adventure travel. All their deals are random but leave your departure airport, and you receive 2-6 deals every week. Flight deals in the past have included LAX to the Philippines and back for $174. One of my friends recently booked an awesome deal to Poland from the West Coast and back for $415.
  • Secret Escapes has created partnerships with world-class hotels and curates discounted hotel deals. This provides you with the opportunity to stay in luxury around the world on a budget. At no cost to you, you can use their built-in search engine to explore thousands of awesome hotel deals. Staying at a 5-star hotel in the Netherlands for $60/night was the perfect way for me to experience the power of Secret Escapes.
  • Travel Zoo has been around for a while. And there is a good reason for it. They produce a top 20 list that curates and shares travel packages. This includes flights, hotels, car rentals and sometimes activities. One of their recent deals included a 7-city tour, 11-night stay in Morocco. Flights, hotels and sightseeing is included for the reasonable price of $1,399. For those who don’t enjoy the planning process, Travelzoo offers a great solution for you.

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