1. “I don’t need hot sauce.”
2. “I’ve never shot a gun.”
3. “I hate Mexican food.”
4. “I want to take a vacation to somewhere warmer.”
5. “I wish it was sunnier.”
6. “I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon.”
7. “I love Arizona weather in the summer.”
8. “I’d like a pop, please!”
9. “I’ve never seen a scorpion.
10. “Humid heat is way worse than dry heat.”
11. “What’s a cactus?”
12. “None of my friends have a pool.”
13. “I don’t want any jalapenos.”
14. “I don’t like hiking.”
15. “There are no Mexican restaurants nearby.”
16. “I don’t need sunscreen.”
17. “It’s not that hot.”
18. “I’m a great driver in the rain.”
19. “This is too spicy.”
20. “No hablo espanol.”
21. “Phoenix is full of young, millennials.”
22. “I found a parking spot nearby in the shade!”
23. “I need to warm-up my car.”
24. “Road rage? No, everyone is a great, friendly driver, here.”
25. “There aren’t that many retired people living here.”
26. “ASU doesn’t have any good parties.”
27. “The architecture of houses in Southern AZ is really creative!”
28. “Everyone here is so liberal.”
29. “There’s nothing to do in AZ.”
30. “I root for both the Wildcats and the Sun Devils.”
31. “What border issues?”
32. “I love this heat.”