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The 7 Best Cafes in Berlin for Wifi and Meeting Other Travelers

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by Bella Peacock May 17, 2017

BERLIN’S CAFE CULTURE continues to evolve to serve digital nomads and travelers looking to post their latest Instagram stories, drink great coffee — and/or connect with locals.

1. Café µ (mü)

Café µ has wooden countertops, two large armchairs by the window, and in summer, tables and benches on the quiet leafy street. They make all their cakes and sandwiches in house, and the perfect caffeine cocktails to get you through the day.

2. Giro Coffee Bar

Giro is on the refined Charlottenberg street, Knesebeckstrasse. This cafe is usually quiet apart from the occasional soup rush around midday. The main barista, Ralf, bakes Giro’s banana bread himself – and Giro roasts its own Italian style blend ideal for espresso.

3. Michelberger

Michelberger’s cafe and bar are part of their hotel and open dusk till dawn. There is a series of reclining lounges divided by wire blocks filled with books, while out back is an extravagant outdoor area filled with plants and shaded seating arrangements. The place has a steady buzz without ever becoming too crowded.

4. Leuchtstoff

While the front end of the store is light and simple, the back room feels like an eccentric cubby, the perfect quiet spot to nest for the day. The coffee at Leuchtstoff is superb – and their summer-time cold brew is winner.

5. Bonanza

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Their Kreuzberg location is removed enough from the busy street to provide serenity. The roaster is behind the café, so there is a huge selection of terrific coffees. Bonanza serves some of Berlin’s best.

6. Shakespeare and Sons

Part book store, part cafe, there is a calm composure to the place. Shakespeare and Sons is exactly how I imagine a miniature version of the world’s most welcoming library.

7. Companion Coffee

Photo by the author

Companion Coffee is ideal if you’re looking for a glamorous coffee-friendly hideout on one of Berlin’s most popular streets. What it lacks in the way of food, is made up with its chic, minimalistic style. And, the staff has a sweetness often lacking in places so on-trend. Giving off an aura of calm, you make yourself a work station for the day.

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