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8 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Alaskan

by Amanda McCord-Pickett Aug 23, 2017

1. She wears a Carhartt on dates.

In a winter ditch diving experience, her jacket was able to be chucked under a tire for traction. Whenever she wears her mighty Carhartt, she proudly shows everyone that the tire studs didn’t even tear it up. This jacket has stayed an essential ever since.

2. Her dream bag is a Gregory.

This girl couldn’t care less about the metal detailing and unique print of a couture handbag. She wants something that will accommodate her gear when the salmon start running and she’s taking off for the Deshka or Seward.

3. She owns more hoodies than shoes.

She can easily live with only sneakers, sandals and hiking boots for footwear. Her hoodie collection, on the other hand, is an obsession. Baggy ones she swears are the best for mosquito insulation in the summer and warmth in the winter (under the Carhartt, of course).

4. Anything above freezing is sandal weather.

After months of winter boots, she’s been chomping at the bit to let her feet breath. The second she senses break-up coming, she’s happily dodging slush puddles in her Keens or Tevas despite numb toes.

5. She brags about the .30-06 she got for Christmas.

At four she received her first shooting lesson. At twelve she went out to Chugiak for Shooters Youth Day. She just bought a new deep freezer and her family is commemorating the purchase with a new gun. She can finally stockpile meat like everyone else in her family.

6. She refers to a six-hour drive as a ‘day-trip.’

When driving from the biggest city in the state to the next biggest city is 13 hours, everything takes a new perspective. Especially if that distance was covered in one day — every summer, crammed next to your siblings.

7. She regales everyone with her outdoor misadventures.

She laughs through another retelling of the story about the time she got turned-around on Bear Mountain when she lost the trail because she was checking out the next peak over. Or, when her Camelbak froze while winter camping because she forgot to put it in her sleeping bag. Or, when the tow truck had to call a tow truck.

8. She buys extra aluminum foil because “Summer is Coming.”

After a few weeks of insomnia due to the constant light leaking in around the blinds, it’s only natural for her to feel a bit twitchy. Rather than buy industrial drapes she proudly lines the windows with foil knowing THIS summer she’ll get some rest.

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