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8 Superpowers You Have if You’re From Alaska

by Kaitlin Armstrong Mar 27, 2018

In a state where everything is just a little extreme, it should come as no surprise that Alaskans have more than a few amazing abilities in our back pockets. From sleep deprivation to the ability to withstand freezing temperatures, here are some of the superpowers Alaskans possess.

1. The ability to cook seafood to perfection

Whether fish, king crab, scallops, clams, or mussels, Alaskans are able to conjure up recipes with whatever is on hand at a moments notice. No matter what the catch of the day may be, we have fine-tuned instincts on how to serve it to perfection.

2. The ability to build the perfect bonfire

Alaskans can count mastery over fire among our superpowers, including the ability to build the perfect bonfire. We have a knack for gathering the finest kindling sticks, striking the right balance between fueling and letting it breathe, and stoking the fire under any weather conditions. Not to mention assembling a great group of people and roasting picture-perfect marshmallows every time.

3. The ability to spot wildlife with x-ray level vision

Alaskans are trained from birth at spotting wildlife, and by the time we’re fully grown, we can pick creatures out of the forest or ocean with x-ray level precision. We’re nearly always first to glimpse eagles, moose, whales, seals, otters, and bears, which makes us a great addition to any outdoor expedition.

4. The ability to forgo sleep

Alaskans know that in the summertime, there’s too much to be done to waste precious daylight hours snoozing. By the time May rolls around, our internal clocks are ready for a three-month marathon powered by the midnight sun. Our ability to forgo sleep means that even with long work days, we can squeeze in every last summer activity.

5. Our fishing instincts

Alaskans spend at least a quarter of their lives at the river, getting a real-life lesson in eating patterns, life cycles, and peculiar habits of fish. Somewhere along the line, we become fish whisperers, developing aquatic instincts that allow us to sense the location, temperament, preferred bait of a fish, and how to tighten and slack a line just so to reel in a big one.

6. The ability to grow colossal vegetables

We have the fertile soil and the midnight sun on our side, but many Alaskans also have uncanny green thumbs that help us grow gardens full of record-setting specimens. Proof? Alaskans fill out the “heaviest vegetable” section of the Guinness Book of World Records, receiving accolades for the heaviest cabbage, broccoli, kale, kohlrabi, and turnip.

7. The ability to withstand freezing temperatures

Alaskans may not have adapted to Arctic climates quite like the polar bear, the walrus, or the wood frog, but we have developed the ability to withstand cold beyond what most humans can imagine. Our uncanny ability to thrive in sub-zero environments is the key to surviving long winters, and we know every trick in the book to stay warm when possible and just deal when it isn’t.

8. The ability to maintain cool in a crisis

Life in an unpredictable environment has granted Alaskans powers of level-headedness. From earthquakes to volcano eruptions, we’re used to the threat of imminent disaster, and so when we find ourselves in a hairy situation, we barely break a sweat. We’ve usually doubly and triply prepared for disastrous circumstances, so while others freak out and flail around, we’re ready to jump into action.

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