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Where Happy Hours Are Most Popular Worldwide

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by Henry Miller Nov 4, 2017

Happy hours are amazing. They might be the only thing that my grandmother and I can both enjoy with the same enthusiasm and I love it (cus, hey, she’s a nice lady). As such, I always appreciate it when I visit a new city and find it loaded with generous and diverse happy hours.

Usually I don’t learn about these until last minute, so it’s good that Redfin put in the work to find out where happy hours are most popular based on 4 million Instagram posts from 2010 to today. If that sounds too easy, they went the extra mile and crunched the numbers by US cities, states, and even countries. The results are these five happy hour infographics that will forever guide my travels henceforth.

Turns out, North America tops the list for HHs internationally, while Hong Kong and Singapore are close behind. If you are in the States, the L.A. area is far and away the most happening happy hour scene in the country (or at least the place where you will find the most folks ‘gramming about it).

1. Where people enjoy happy hour worldwide:

2. The best states for finding a good HH:

3. The cities where every day ends with HH:

4. When is happy hour exactly?:

5. What people are thinking about during their hh:

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