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The First Flights to the Amalfi Coast Since 2016 Start in July

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by Katie Scott Aiton Jul 3, 2024

The Amalfi Coast’s pastel-colored architecture, cliffside seafood restaurants, mountain trails that lead to turquoise coves, and hotels that look like something out of a James Bond movie attract the oh-so-glam models and moguls who travel far and wide to be seen sipping a granita cocktail in summer. They swoop in and out by helicopter or private boat, while we nonfamous people endure the drive, train, and bus journey from cities such as Naples.

The Amalfi Coast sees some five million visitors a year. And while there are serious concerns about the amount of foot traffic to the UNESCO-designated region, this summer, the coast is becoming more accessible with the re-opening of a nearby airport that will accommodate international flights.

Come mid-July, Salerno Costa d’Amalfi Airport will welcome commercial flights and the airport it’s situated just under 30 miles southeast of Amalfi and a little over 10 miles from Salerno.

Founded by the Italian Air Force, Salerno Costa d’Amalfi Airport initially served as a military base and flight training facility. After World War II, the airport transitioned to civilian use, welcoming a limited number of airlines and private jets offering mainly domestic flights and charters. It also became a hub for emergency services, housing carabinieri, and firefighter helicopters alongside a parachuting school.

Salerno-Costa D'Amalfi Airport, Amalfi coast airport

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In 2007, the runway was extended, and new facilities like check-in desks, boarding areas, and luggage systems were constructed to accommodate scheduled airlines. While this temporarily opened doors for easier access to the Amalfi Coast, the airport faced closure in 2016.

This summer marks a significant milestone as the revival of Salerno Costa d’Amalfi Airport coincides with the introduction of new flights by the award-winning Spanish budget airline Volotea. Volotea is introducing direct flights from various European cities. From July 11, 2024, you can fly from Cagliari, Italy, and Nantes, France, for as little as $33 one-way. From September, Volotea will run a service from the Italian cities of Verona and Catania. UK-based budget airline EasyJet will also have flights from airports such as London Gatwick and Basel, France.

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