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Ask anyone about their favorite country in Europe, and one name comes up more than any other: Italy.

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And there’s good reason. From the canals of Venice to the ruins in Rome to the azure seas along the Amalfi Coast, nowhere in Europe packs in more “I can’t believe I’m actually here” moments than Italy. Of course, most of the rest of the world knows this too, so learning how to travel responsibly and sustainably is critically important.

Italy is the kind of place you’ll probably want to visit more than once to make the most of it. So check out our city guides to Rome, Venice, and Milan and see which one strikes your fancy. Or maybe consider a cycling tour through the unforgiving mountains, or along the coast of Puglia.

The food is going to be fantastic everywhere, but up north in Modena, Bologna, and Parma even Italians will tell you it’s best. While you’re up there, enjoy some mountain lake scenery, skipping Clooney and Como for Lake Orta. Plan right, and it’s hard to go wrong on visiting Italy. From Sicily up to the Swiss border, it’s hard not to be forever impressed.



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