'Somewhere Between Burning Man and SXSW' - OUTPOST - The Outdoor Industry Anti-Conference

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by Matador Creators Jan 4, 2018

At Matador we’ve been happily following the progression of Outpost and are stoked to announce their calendar of events for 2018. These guys have taken a page from their time in the music promotions world, and are redefining how outdoor industry conferences look and feel.

The Outpost lives somewhere between Burning Man and SXSW.

Instead of the stale setups we’ve had to tolerate over the years (“speed dating” at tables and booths, chain hotel accommodations, and — worst of all — days inside under fluorescent lights), Outpost is the exact opposite. As the organizers like to say, “The Outpost lives somewhere between Burning Man and SXSW.”

Road To Outpost Giveaway

Today, Outpost is launching their Road To Outpost Giveaway. This is a chance to win Mammoth Mountain Passes, a year’s worth of access to the Fort coworking space, a Tepui Rooftop Tent, and $8,000 worth of other prizes. To enter, please visit the Road To Outpost Giveaway.

The Outpost 2018 Calendar

This year, the Outpost will be hosting their biggest “anti”-trade shows.

  • Outpost Mammoth

  • February 6th – 8th*
    *Brand registration ends on January 12th

  • Outpost SXSW

  • March 13th
    300 person media dinner at the new Tyson Cole and Aaron Franklin restaurant

  • Outpost California

  • September 6th – 9th
    1300 person flagship event in Mendocino county CA

At its essence, Outpost has brought together really cool people and brands, and created a proper space to hang: outside, where it makes sense. Think solar-powered refrigerators full of beer. Low footprint, modern-design shelters for camping. Yoga sessions. Kombucha brewing. Lots of time around campfires. Testing gear in its proper environment. Networking that happens spontaneously over days of live music, food, and being outside.

Check out this video from this fall’s Outpost Mendocino to get a sense of what an outdoor conference should be like.

We’re stoked to be partnering with Outpost and to see people this year at their events.

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