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Architecture Competition Gives Us a Glimpse of Airports of the Future

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by Dayana Aleksandrova Apr 9, 2021

US-based studio Fentress Architects has launched a competition inviting students and recent graduates to design a futuristic airport, and the submissions they have received so far are seriously mind-blowing. The company has invested $15,000 into the Fentress Global Challenge 2021 (FGC), enticing creatives from all over the world to participate in conceptualizing an airport terminal of the year 2100.

“The Fentress Global Challenge is a great opportunity for young designers to bring broad ideas and creative perspectives to the table while spearheading innovation in airport terminal architecture,” FGC Founder Curtis Fentress shared on the website. “We are excited to see how students push the limits of architectural design this year.”

Participants can either work on an existing airport, reimagining what it might look like 80 years from now, or develop their own concept at a location where a terminal doesn’t yet exist. The competition is open to students and recent graduates from architecture and engineering courses. Those interested in submitting a design are encouraged to consider a few key factors, including local context, sustainability, well-being, security, globalization, and passenger experience.

The winner will take home $15,000, which is the largest prize FGC has offered to date. There are also additional cash prizes for select participants. Second place will walk away with $3,000, third place with $2,000, and the two People’s Choice Awards will receive $1,000 each. FGC announced the competition on Feb. 15, and the deadline to submit an entry runs through October 1, 2021. Fentress will announce the shortlist of 15 competitors by Nov. 1, and the winners will be revealed on December 1.

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