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This New Air Travel Company Will Fly Your Dog Internationally on a Private Jet — For a Price

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by Alex Bresler Apr 16, 2024

Flying private is a luxury most travelers will never experience (and some eco-minded travelers might never want to, even if given the opportunity). To rub salt in the wounds of everyone who does daydream about jet-setting on G5s, a new service called BARK Air is launching private jet charters for dogs (with their owners in tow) starting in May.

BARK Air is a new venture from BARK, a company that sells monthly dog-toy-and-treat subscription boxes. In partnership with private jet company Talon Air, the airline intends to make air travel more comfortable for canines and their human companions. But these flights aren’t just dog-friendly — these flights are all-out pooch-pampering.

The “white-paw experience,” as BARK brands it, includes pre-flight consultations with concierges to ensure your pup gets exactly what it needs on board, an easy crate-less check-in process, and a long list of in-cabin amenities. Think calming music, noise-canceling earmuffs, lavender-scented towels, snacks and treats, practical essentials like leashes and pee pads, couches and dog beds, and a beverage service with options including water, bone broth, and “doggie Champagne” — not to mention on-demand belly rubs, as well as plans for the “first-ever in-air dog park.”

Four-legged passengers will be required to be leashed or on a lap during takeoff and landing but otherwise allowed to roam the cabin freely. All dogs must be accompanied by a human, whether you’re traveling with your pooch or have BARK Air arrange an escort.

Of course, flying private on a Gulfstream G5 carries a hefty price tag, whether the passenger is human or canine (or both). Pet owners can expect to pay between $6,000 and $8,000 for a one-way ticket aboard BARK Air, which covers airfare for one dog and one human passenger. Each flight will have room for 10 dogs and their companions.

BARK Air is launching two flight routes to start, connecting the NYC metroplex to the Los Angeles and London areas. The airline will operate weekly flights between the Westchester County Airport (HPN) in New York to the Van Nuys Airport (VNY) near LA, as well as bi-monthly flights between HPN and the UK’s London Stansted Airport (STN). Round-trip flights on the domestic route will cost $12,000. Round-trip on the transatlantic route is a whopping $16,000.

BARK Air’s first flight is scheduled to depart on May 23. Snag your own ticket here.

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