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The Best Places to Stay in Mexico City

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by Odette Herrera Dec 21, 2017

As one of the largest capital cities in the world, Mexico City has many accommodation options to choose from: hostels, bed & breakfasts, Airbnbs, boutique hotels, etc. There’s something for every taste and every budget.

So, if you’re wondering where to stay on your trip to Mexico City, this guide will make your selection easier. Here are the best recommendations for accommodations in Mexico City.


The best barrios to stay in Mexico City

Which neighborhood should you be staying in? This is important because each one has its own flavor. Here are the four best barrios to stay in the city:

Historic city center

Downtown historic center Mexico City

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The historic center is a great place to stay because it is in the heart of the action, where most of the museums and interesting monuments and buildings are located.

The historic center of Mexico City can be quite chaotic, but there still are many quiet and picturesque spots where you can have a pleasant stay. A good location to stay is near the Zócalo, the main square of the city center. Some good lodging options in this area are:

Colonia Roma

Roma neighborhood in Mexico City

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Full of art galleries, coffee shops, sunny terraces, designers’ bazaars, cocktail bars, and gourmet restaurants, Roma is the city’s trendiest neighborhood. Its French-style architecture and its artsy and cosmopolitan atmosphere make Roma one of the most appealing areas in Mexico City. The two best options to stay in Roma are:

Colonia Cuauhtémoc

Cuauhtemoc neighborhood of Mexico City

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Colonia Cuauhtémoc is an extraordinary area to stay. It is just steps away from Paseo de la Reforma (one of the main streets in the city), and its location is ideal to go exploring the historic center, the city’s trendy neighborhoods like Juárez, Roma, and Condesa, the Chapultepec forest and its castle, all the city’s best museums, and the upscale Polanco neighborhood. The best lodging options in Colonia Cuauhtémoc are:


Coyoacan neighborhood of Mexico City

Photo: Rulo Luna Ramos

The neighborhood where Frida Kahlo was born and died is an excellent option to stay in the city. It has a bohemian and relaxed atmosphere, and its geographical location is great — you can easily visit the San Ángel neighborhood and Ciudad Universitaria, UNAM’s main campus.

The area around Francisco Sosa Street and Santa Catarina Square is very picturesque has lots of cultural venues, coffee shops, green areas and thousands of things to see and do. Some lodging options here are:


Most interesting hotels in Mexico City

For a different lodging experience, you can choose to stay at one of these interesting hotels that offer unique accommodation in Mexico City.

Orgánico Hotel Boutique

Orgánico Hotel Boutique is located in the mountains, on the skirts of Ajusco hill. The cabin-like suites will make you feel like you’ve left CDMX entirely. Here, you can go horse-riding or mountain biking, and enjoy bonfires at night. None of these activities can be done in any other hotel in the city.

Hotel Parque México

Hotel Parque México is a beautifully-decorated hotel located in the trendy Condesa neighborhood. All of the rooms, common areas, and the incredible terrace are gorgeous. Everything you see is 100% made in Mexico — including the furniture and decorations — and you can buy any of it!

La Valise

Hotel La Valise

Photo: La Valise

Located in the Roma neighborhood, La Valise is a luxurious small hotel with only three rooms! This exclusivity makes the service hyper-personalized. One of the most interesting things about this tiny hotel is that every room features a different theme with its own design and ambiance. The suite named “La Terraza” is at the top floor of the hotel, and allows you to sleep under the stars with its king size bed that rolls from inside the bedroom to the exterior rooftop terrace.

Hotel Busue

Hotel Busue is located in the upscale neighborhood of Polanco. We love it because it offers a real boutique experience in Mexico City — its service is super personalized, the room service is out of this world, and the suites are decorated with works of art that can all be purchased.


Best hotels with pools

It’s not that common to find hotels with pools in Mexico City, as it is a destination with so many things to see and do that you’ll spend most of your time out of the hotel. But if you’re traveling with kids, or you just want to relax, these are the best options in the city.

Hotel Hilton Santa Fe

Hotel Hilton Santa Fe probably has the best hotel pool in all Mexico City. It’s located on the rooftop, 15 stories up, so it has incredible views. Santa Fe is an area situated far from the rest of the city and it is mainly an upscale business neighborhood.

Westin Santa Fe

Also located in Santa Fe, Westin Santa Fe has a small but lovely pool on its “sky floor”. This is a counter-current pool that serves mainly for cardio and aerobic workout, but the terrace around it is so nice that you can also use it simply to relax.

The Polanco neighborhood is full of top-notch hotels with all the amenities and facilities to pamper you. Two great pools can be found at Hotel Hyatt (an indoor pool but with an outdoor sundeck), and at Habita — one of the trendiest hotels in the neighborhood, and where, from time to time, vibrant pool parties are held.


Best Airbnbs in Mexico City

Airbnb has a huge presence in the city and there are some very cool options in the trendiest neighborhoods. If you are planning to travel to Mexico City, consider staying at one of these Airbnb options.

1. Boutique patio-apartment — $75 USD

This cozy place is located in the historic Colonia Juárez, which is a lively neighborhood with trendy restaurants, hip bars, designers’ bazaars, and art galleries. It’s just steps away from Paseo de la Reforma street. It accommodates two guests.

See listing here.

2. Cozy flat in restored early-20th Century house

Located in trendy Colonia Roma, this flat is part of a restored historic house. It has a nice common garden to enjoy sunny days in Mexico City. It accommodates three guests.

See listing here.

3. Peaceful and quiet apartment/terrace — $80 USD

Another great choice in the Roma neighborhood. This apartment has a super cool terrace with hammocks and outdoor furniture.

See listing here.

4. Room in a loft with terrace — $21 USD

Having the option of enjoying a private terrace in the chaotic historic city center is quite a privilege. This loft has a nice and quiet terrace to relax after a day exploring the heart of Mexico City. The room accommodates two guests.

See listing here.

5. Nice loft in the heart of Polanco — $48 USD

This modern urban loft has a great location in the heart of Polanco neighborhood, so you’ll be able to walk to most of the area’s restaurants, bars, and points of interest. It accommodates four guests.

See listing here.


What about staying near the airport?

If Mexico City is nothing but a connection to get to your final destination, you may consider staying near the airport.
For budget travelers, Punto DF, Hostal Nova House, and Hostel Mexico DF Airport are three hostels located only minutes away from the airport.

Another option is Izzzleep, the first pod or capsule hotel in Mexico City, which is located in Terminal 1. Here you can pay per night or hour.

Options of regular hotels in or near Mexico City’s international airport are:

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