Traveling can reinvigorate a yoga practice — it can offer the opportunity to flow somewhere new; a chance to connect with fellow yogis at a yoga retreat; or even the challenge of taking your practice off the mat to tap into that inner zen when travel mishaps occur. The benefits of taking your practice on the go are limitless, so here is some of the the best yoga gear for doing just that.

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1. A yoga mat bag

best yoga gear manduka yoga mat carrier

Photo: Manduka/REI

A yoga mat carrier is a staple item to keep all of the essentials (your mat, straps, a block, water, snacks, etc.) in one and easily-accessible place. For plane travel, opt for a bag carrier such as this. It holds the mat vertically, rather than horizontally, which will make it easier to slide into an overhead compartment or under a seat.

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2. Yoga mat cleaner

Taking your mat somewhere new means it’s going to be exposed to new elements. Whether it’s salty ocean air, a hotel room floor, or an airport lounge — if you’re putting your bare skin on your mat, you’re going to want it to be as clean as possible. In addition to keeping it clean, a yoga mat spray, like this all-natural lavender option from Luna Lifestyle can have a therapeutic, calming quality (bonus: it comes with a towel).

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3. Travel-friendly yoga mat, or yoga towel

best yoga gear yoga mat towel manduka

Photo: Manduka/REI

If you’re low on available real estate in your luggage, a travel-friendly yoga mat will help you save space. There are foldable options, but it’s important to remember that this space-saving alternative does come with a caveat — these mats are thinner than the average yoga mat. If you need a little extra cushion, consider adding a yoga towel on top of your mat. This option from Maduka has silicon backing to prevent slipping.

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4. Crystals

Energy muse crystal

Photo: Energy Muse/Facebook

Crystals can serve a multitude of purposes — to lay with in savasana for clarity and calming, to place on your mat to feel grounded and connected to the new space you’re practicing in, to meditate with pre or post-practice. It’s easy to feel a little lost when traveling, and the right crystal may be the perfect companion to keep you feeling centered. Check out Energy Muse for a complete collection.

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5. Journal

best yoga gear journal

Photo: Roseanne Baker/Amazon

You’re bound to be inspired when you take your practice somewhere new. Traveling with a journal such as this will help you record new perspectives gained from time on and off the mat.

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6. Palo Santo wood

Burning palo santo with candle and gemstones

Photo: semccorm/Shutterstock

When burned, Palo Santo wood can be used to cleanse energy, and its earthy scent has also been said to be quite grounding and calming. Palo Santo is also a great alternative to sage (which can have a very strong scent), and it’s also a bit sturdier, making it easier to travel with.

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7. Wireless/Bluetooth headphones

best yoga gear bose earbuds

Photo: BOSE

Whether you need to tune out surrounding sounds, or you just want to tune into your favorite playlist, bluetooth or wireless headphones can help. With these, you won’t have to worry about being a wire-tangled warrior. Flow in peace, and to whatever sound you like. We recommend these wireless headphones from BOSE.

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8. Yoga socks/gloves

best yoga gear tucketts socks

Photo: Tucketts

If you can’t fit a mat, or a yoga towel into your luggage, consider packing a set of yoga socks or gloves instead. These accessories have grip to help you flow safely and slip-free on any surface. Tucketts offer stability and comfort (there are two different thickness options), and come in a variety of sizes.

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9. A phone stand/tripod

best yoga gear stand phone Joby

Photo: Joby

Whether you want to capture that shot of your tree pose in a forest; your strong, grounded mountain pose at the top of a pristine peak; or you just want to tune in to your favorite yoga channels remotely, a portable phone stand can come in handy. This one from Joby is a great all-rounder.

Price: $24.15

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10. Meditation App

Calm app

Photo: Calm/Facebook

Download a meditation app and have a little zen at your fingertips. Apps like Calm and Headspace come free — though some courses are free while others aren’t — and are highly recommended. They also offer guided meditations, which can be extra helpful if you’re struggling to slip into serenity on your own.