Photo: Is Offering NYC Hotel Suites for $20.20 Starting at Noon

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by Matthew Meltzer Jan 13, 2020

Whatever your opinion of New York City, there’s one thing we can all agree on: Hotel rooms are ridiculously expensive. And if you’d even had an inkling that you’d like to check out the city that never sleeps, oftentimes a quick search of lodging options puts those plans to bed early.

But in its quest to help people achieve their New Year’s resolutions, is making a trip to NYC a lot more attainable. Beginning January 13 at 12:00 PM ET, the site will be offering two-night stays in its Resolution Suites at 25 Broad Street in downtown Manhattan for an unthinkable $20.20. That’s, like, five slices of pizza. Or a 10-block taxi ride on a bad day.

The suites themselves are also very un-New York like, clocking in at over 1,000 square feet each, or about triple the size of an average New York apartment. Each one is themed toward a different New Year’s resolution, from reading more to unplugging to spending more time with family, and comes with a bevvy of experiences along with it.

For example, if we’ve inspired you to travel fearlessly and your resolution was to be more adventurous, you can book a 1,500-square-foot suite where your bed is under a hot- fair balloon, and you get skiing and trapeze lessons.

Resolved to be more schmoopy with your special someone? Your romantic suite comes with a rose-petal wall, a couples massage, and a free session with a relationship expert.

If you’re among the millions of people in the United States who resolved to get in shape, your 1,528-square-foot suite comes with an in-room gym, personal training sessions, and nutritional assessments.

The learn to cook suite has a Thai cooking class. The be more stylish suite comes with a personal shopper at Nordstrom. You can even learn coding and hacking in a suite that looks a little like a Silicon Valley open floor plan office. The list goes on, and you can check them all out here.

The bookings begin January 13, and will probably sell out faster than a crowd of people trying to get off a subway so set your alarms now. A chance to stay in NYC for $10 a night pretty much never happens, and regardless of whether you have a resolution or not, this is an opportunity that’s tough to pass up.

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