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You Can Now Visit an Entire Museum Devoted to Avocados, Millennials

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by Morgane Croissant Apr 19, 2018

There are museums dedicated to just about anything: weiner dogs, mustard, penises, and now avocadoes.

The green fruit that is millennials’ favorite new way to propose and the sole reason this entire generation cannot afford being home-owners will be honored in San Diego, California this summer.

The CADO, a pop-up museum built out of 16 shipping containers fused together, will celebrate California’s favorite fruit starting in June 2018. The CADO’s website warns you to “get ready to see the California Avocado in a new light as you walk through the skin and into the fruit.”

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Unfortunately, you won’t be able to dive into a ball pit of guacamole, unlike similar features at the Museum of Ice Cream, but there are plenty of other cool features. Walkmans (yes, the ‘90s kind) will provide audio tours about avocado production. The Ripe Room will have a textured wall that shows you what a perfectly ripe avocado feels like (hopefully ending the debate once and for all). There will also be an ombré hallway that will show the light-to-dark flesh of the avocado fruit.

In good millennial fashion, and in the hopes of getting some free promo, The CADO has released an avocado tote bag that is sure to pop on the ‘gram. You’ll also be able to get another photo op in a selfie room dedicated to the avocado’s beauty benefits.

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You’ll also be able to actually eat some avocado in the outdoor avocado grove. Tickets are $27 each, and you’ll need to snatch them up before every other twenty-something in the San Diego area does so.

To know more about The CADO, check out its Instagram and Facebook accounts.

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