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Skip the Airport Lines and Check Your Bag at This Rome Train Station Before Your Flight

Rome Airports + Flying
by Morgane Croissant Jun 21, 2024

Whether you own the best check-in suitcase on the market, or only travel with a duffel bag, it’s always a pain to have to drag your luggage around a city. Especially when that city is Rome: cobblestones and rolling suitcases don’t mix so well, and most attractions (the Colosseum and the Pantheon, to name a few) don’t want visitors to come in with large luggage — or charge a fortune for temporary storage.

Thankfully, ITA Airways, Italy’s flag carrier, has thought of everything. On the day of your departure from Rome Fiumicino airport, you can now check in for your flight and drop off your baggage at Rome Termini Station located in the city center. That way, you can continue exploring the Italian capital carefree. The luggage will transfer automatically to the airport and all the way to your final destination.

To enjoy this brand new service, visit the Airport In The City desks in the Rome Termini station from 8 AM to 4 PM, and make sure to use the time slot that corresponds to your flight: by 10 AM for flights departing after 1:30 PM; by 1 PM for flights departing after 4:30 PM, and by 4 PM for flights departing after 7:30 PM. The service is available seven days a week.

The Airport In The City desks are located near Platform 24 from where the Leonardo Express, the non-stop train that links Rome Termini Station and Rome Fiumicino airport in just 32 minutes, departs.

The service is free of charge and works for all same-day ITA Airways flights, except those departing to the US and Israel.

Even if you don’t have any luggage to drop off, you can visit the Airport In The City desks to check in for your flight. And if you have checked in for your flight online, you can still drop off your luggage. The two services are independent from each other.

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