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'Check Your Luggage' Is the LGBTQ+ Travel Show We've All Been Waiting For

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by Olivia Harden Oct 6, 2021

This coming Friday, October 8, Parrlime Productions is launching a new show called Check Your Luggage, which puts LGBTQ+ travel center stage. Hosted by Logo TV’s Fire Island’s Justin T. Russo, Check Your Luggage will feature guides to US and European LGBTQ+ destinations.

New episodes will come to us every Friday on Amazon Prime. Check Your Luggage will start out in New York City, with a reference to how the culture of places such as the Netherlands, France, Japan and Italy have influenced the city. It will also dive into LGBTQ+ culture and give you tips on safe spaces, where to stay, eat, party and what to do.

One of the purposes of Check Your Luggage is to show each destination in a new light. For example, during the first episode on New York City, Russo goes beyond the Empire State Building and shopping on Fifth Avenue.

“My family has been in New York City for roughly 130 years, and it is easy to get swept up in our daily routines and local haunts,” Russo told Travel+Leisure. “I am also very much an extrovert, and I loved being able to meet our experts and learn about their passions for travel… Making the show, I certainly learned so much about my home city!”

This is one of the first LGBTQ+ focussed travel shows be launched outside of platforms such as YouTube. Russo spoke on the importance of making shows to help LGBTQ+ folx plan vacations.

“We are found everywhere [and] we can travel mostly wherever we want to,” Russo said. “The queer community is leading the way back in terms of travel again and we hope that our show showcases not only our love for the city of New York, but its rich heritage and multicultural community [and] can inspire people to get back out there and visit places all over the world.”

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