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The Coolest Camper Van Conversions to Inspire You to Hit the Road

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by Tim Wenger May 24, 2018

Don’t lie: you’ve spent time at work fantasizing about living your #vanlife dreams. If you’re like most of us, the biggest thing preventing you from hitting the road is likely the lack of a van itself. But if you have the motivation (and DIY skills) to turn a normal vehicle into a haven for everything from camping to cooking to remote work, you can be on the road in time for summer adventuring. These Instagram-famous eternal road trippers built their vision from the ground up; their epic camper van conversions are sure to get you pumped up for summer travels.

1. 40 Hours Of Freedom

Sara and Alex James, along with their two little Italian Greyhounds Bambi and Nugget, are professional #vanlifers, under the Instagram handle @40hoursoffreedom. They gave their van a laidback, communal vibe reminiscent of chilling on the back porch. They purchased a 2008 Dodge Sprinter with a high roof and wide wheelbase, that allowed them to have a convertible king size bed.

They’ve made incredibly efficient use of the limited space. When it’s time to sleep, they pull their mattress over the seating area. They even have a shower. You can follow their step-by-step process for van converting on their website.

2. Our home on wheels

Jace and Giddi, along with their daughter Juniper and dog Lotus, are the crew behind @ourhomeonwheels. The couple took a hip approach and tricked their van out with chic flare and a modern setup that looks like an apartment, complete with workspace and kitchen.

Their van also serves as a crafts studio where they hand-make jewelry for sale via their business Carteo Handmade. Their van adventures are driven by a passion for the outdoors and a desire to be as close to it as possible. Their website is loaded with info on how they make it happen.

3. AdVANture lovers

Laura and Tom are a German couple traversing Europe as @Advanturelovers. They keep their converted Westfalia clean and presentable with a minimalist feel, spending most of their time exploring the great outdoors.

Europe is among the most epic places to spend a summer on the road. Modeling your journey after the ongoing itinerary of this pair is a great idea, especially if you hope to spend most of your time outside of the van.

4. Julius the van

Sometimes those behind the operation step aside and let their whip stand front and center. Such is the with @juliusthevan, one of the more informative accounts to follow if you want plenty of wide shots of the interior to base your own design around. In this case, we learn that a bit of Southwestern flare fits quite well inside a van. Owners Casper and Ted have the homiest vibe we’ve seen.

Their blog gets downright emotional on topics such as Prince, cairns, and the wacky things they find on their travels across the United States and beyond. Also, they painted the outside of their van to resemble a forest and mountain scene, so you’ll definitely want to copy that.

A post shared by Julius The Van (@juliusthevan) on Jan 14, 2018 at 5:36am PST

5. All in the van

@allinthevan proves that it’s totally possible for the entire family to hit road in comfort. This Australian family traverses the land down under with three kids — three more than most #vanlifers — and manages to hold onto their sanity while doing so.

You can even have ‘bedrooms,’ per say, as long as the kids don’t mind bunking up. When parked, their “annex” (a tent) serves as the kitchen and living room.

6. Permanent road trip

@permanentroadtrip have the perfect outdoorsy setup. Their Sprinter van is converted into two levels, with the top being the living space and the bottom being storage for bikes, skis, tents, and whatever else fuels their nature-bound adventures.

The page claims that they “went camping and never went home,” and we couldn’t be more jealous. The versatility of their van allows them to wake up and brew a pot of coffee with views like this as their backdrop on a daily basis:

7. Lietco

Lisa Felepchuk and Coleman Molner, the duo behind , turned a classic Westfalia van into a near-luxury road home that offers plenty of headspace. The couple is based in Canada, an ideal departure spot for the adventure-inclined. Their feed is chalk full of photos in both urban and natural settings.

Their story can be your inspiration to take traditional work online and hit the road. As journalists, they’ve been able to transition to the digital nomad lifestyle without having to give up the income that allows them to stay afloat.

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