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This Couple Built the Ultimate #VanLife Adventure Mobile Out of a Pickup Truck

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by Henry Miller Mar 19, 2018

While it is hard to argue against giving up your over-priced studio apartment for a year of #vanlife, hauling an old VW Bus with a battered engine across the Rockies isn’t always the best idea. That’s why this rock-climbing couple went ahead and created the perfect adventure vehicle from scratch.

They started by decapitating the roof of their original vehicle, an old Toyota Tacoma. The Tacoma was then outfitted with a TV and massive storage cabinet underneath a comfortable bed. But to give it some serious upgrades, the duo took their pickup truck to a metal shop and got to work.

They tore apart a new aluminum canopy, then rebuilt it with a new frame that unfolds to create an extra three feet of space above the cargo bed. That made room for a new sleeping arrangement. Then, they rewrapped the frame with aluminum, windows, and weather-proofing trim.

The new space was tall enough to stand in, but the couple was not finished yet. They added a ceiling fan, a second battery compartment, a propane tank, bamboo floors, curtains, an assortment of storage cabinets, a bench with handmade cushions, twinkly lights, and even a functional sink.

Unlike most vans, the Tacoma is still a rugged off-road vehicle that is well-balanced on steep inclines and doesn’t have to worry about clotheslining itself with low branches and tunnels. But the new unfolding (upfolding?) cabin makes this truck just about as spacious as any van, most of which don’t come with a working sink.

So there you have it, the most expertly dreamed up, crafted, and executed #vanlife adventure truck ever. You can see the step by step process on Imgur, if you’re up to the DIY. Based on the couple’s Instagram feed, you can expect to see this Tacoma hauling-A up and down the Rockies, from Canada to Arizona, in search of ever-more-challenging climbing routes.

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