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Watch: A Bag Full of Live Crabs Escaped on an Airport Baggage Claim, Causing Chaos

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by Olivia Harden Jan 26, 2022

Warning: what you’re about to watch might make you a little… crabby. Imagine heading over to pick up your luggage from the airport’s baggage carousel only to find a group of crabs crawling all over your luggage.

A TikTok shows footage of a cast of the escaped creatures that were previously packed in an ice cooler when it arrived at an airport in the Bahamas. The reactions of passengers and security vary. Some people are willing to help out and return the crabs as they try to make a break for it, while others, understandably, decide to get as far away as possible. In less than 24 hours, the video has garnered almost 89,000 likes and over 2600 comments.

@failarmy "The airport called…you got a case of crabs…" #FailArmy ..#crabs #fails #airport #funnyfail #funnyvideo ♬ original sound – FailArmy

The footage isn’t new, but social media has brought some of the weirdest airport catastrophes to the surface. In August 2021, TSA shared on their Instagram a video of escaped raw chicken in the shape of the cooler it had been packed in — completely unwrapped. More recently, they posted a video of an escaped batch of bratwurst and sauces. The government agency has gotten comfortable sharing its most bizarre finds on Instagram with a caption full of bad dad jokes and yearly announcements of their favorite security catches.

If you’ve ever thought some of TSA’s rules are bizarre or uptight, wait till you hear this. While an agent might end up throwing your favorite lotion away because the bottle isn’t 3.4 fluid ounces, it turns out it’s perfectly fine for you to bring live lobster or crabs in your checked baggage AND carry-on — with recommendations to “place your seafood in a separate, ideally clear, container and remove it from the rest of your items for the screening process.”

So, if you absolutely have to take an entire cooler of crustaceans to your destination, make sure to seal it tight, or you might end up in hot water.

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