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The Most Expensive Airport Taxis in the World

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by Olivia Harden Aug 16, 2021

After a long plane ride and the tedious process of collecting your belongings, it can be tempting to bypass public transportation (if it’s even available) and be ready to sit back and enjoy the private comfort of a taxi instead. Not all airport taxis around the world are created equal, though. The website FleetLogging has released a study that showcases the price of getting from the airport to the city center by taxis in major cities around the world. After looking at 1,249 different airports, these were its findings about the most expensive and cheapest airport taxis in the world.

Japan leads the charge with eight out of ten of the most expensive airport taxis in the world. A ride to Hiroshima or Oita city center from their respective airports will cost you a whopping $165 — the most expensive in the world.

The 10 most expensive airport taxis in the world:

  1. Hiroshima Airport in Hiroshima, Japan — $165
  2. Oita Airport in Oita, Japan — $165
  3. New Chitose Airport in Sapporo, Japan — $150
  4. Chubu Centrair International Airport in Nagoya, Japan — $148
  5. Southend Airport in London, England — $146
  6. Narita International Airport in Tokyo/Chiba, Japan — $145
  7. Oslo Airport-Gardermoen in Oslo, Norway — $145
  8. Kagoshima Airport in Kagoshima, Japan — $135
  9. Shizuoka Airport in Shizuoka, Japan — $135
  10. Kansai International Airport in Osaka, Japan — $129

The most expensive airport ride in the US is from the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport to Hilton Head due to its lengthy ride and toll road fees.

Most of the cheapest airport taxis are located in Africa and Central Asia. From the Cadjehoun airport in Cotonou Benin, a taxi ride will only cost you $1. Airport taxis from Nefta International Airport in Tozeur, Tunisia; Bluefields Airport in Bluefields, Nicaragua; and Puerto Cabezas Airport, in Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua will also cost you only $1. In this study, 55 airport taxis are also classified as very cheap with $2 taxi rides.

The cheapest rides in the US are $10 from Richmond International Airport to Sandston (Richmond), Virginia, and Bangor International Airport to Bangor, Maine.

To see the complete list of the most expensive and cheapest airport taxis in the world, check out FleetLogging’s study.

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