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Watch: What Flying Is Actually Like for Super Tall Travelers

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by Olivia Harden Jan 24, 2022

Flying can be a lengthy and uncomfortable process. Passengers have to stand in lines, deal with TSA, and get to their side of the airport all before settling down in (depending on what airline you choose) an economy seat that’s a tight squeeze. Now, imagine doing that all while standing more than seven feet tall.

Cinematographer Beau Brown creates TikToks showing what he sees going through the world at 7’1″. Navigating airports and planes is definitely a challenge for him. In December, he documented getting bumped to first class after he couldn’t fit on a short-haul flight in the exit row from Georgia to North Carolina. Brown shows his point of view getting onto the plane, from his arrival at the airport to boarding the plane.

@bigbeaubrown I didn't fit on my plane so they gave me first class. It was probably because of my @cuts hoodie and joggers. They said dang this dude got CLASS. First class was still tight. #fyp #travel #tall ♬ Infinity – Jaymes Young

His journey begins in line, with a bird’s eye view of everyone in front of him. Once he reaches TSA, the woman jokes as she struggles to hand his ID back to him. When he needs to catch a train to reach his side of the airport, there isn’t much room, with his head smushed in the process. Ordering some food before his flight causes trouble when the servers can’t hear his order. Once he finally arrives at the tunnel to board the plane, he, of course, doesn’t fit before finally settling in his seat.

@bigbeaubrown POV of a 7'1 human in an airport #fyp #tall ♬ original sound – BigBeauBrown

If you’re worried about leg (or head) room, consider finding an affordable business class ticket or looking for a cheap upgrade. It might be worth it.

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