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This Airline Is Offering Free Wine, Beer, and Snacks on Flights to Canada and the US

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by Morgane Croissant Jun 7, 2024

While some airlines are working hard to make the experience of flying in economy as wretched as possible, others are trying to elevate it.

On Tuesday, Canadian airline WestJet announced its new fare: UltraBasic. The UltraBasic fare is as simple and offensive as a slap in the face: no carry-on, no earning points, sit in the back of the plane, and no changes, cancellations, or refunds possible for your flight.

On Wednesday, the other big airline in Canada, the country’s flag carrier, Air Canada, announced something entirely different. All Air Canada passengers, including those in economy, will now get free wine, beer, and what the airline calls “premium snacks” on domestics flights and on flights to the US. Not only that but all passengers will also get the option to purchase a variety of spirits for just $3.65 (5 CAD).

It’s not often that economy passengers get some good news, so this one is worth celebrating — with a drink, of course.

The premium snacks on offer consist of two Canadian products: TWIGZ, which are buttery herb and garlic pretzels made in Alberta, and Leclerc Célébration Cookie, which are made with milk chocolate in Quebec.

To wash down these treats, passengers can opt for beer from a selection of four brands and varieties — Hop Valley, Creemore Springs Premium Lager, Molson Canadian, or Coors Light — or two French wines from Paul Mas: a red and a white.

Free beer, wine, and snacks on Air Canada flights to Canada and the US

Photo: CNW Group/Air Canada

If neither beer nor wine work for you, you can choose to purchase spirits for as little as $3.65, including Baileys Original Irish Cream, Canadian Club rye, Bacardi Superior rum, Bombay Sapphire gin, Smirnoff vodka, Tromba Tequila Blanco, or Campari.

With such a large variety of alcohol on board, Air Canada now has the largest bar offering of any airline in North America. And that should weigh in the balance when booking a flight, surely.

Now imagine sipping on a glass of Baileys with a Célébration chocolate cookie on the side; doesn’t that sound like the perfect combo? A glass of French red wine with some Canadian-made buttery pretzels isn’t a bad idea either. That said, no matter what you choose, it’ll be free or cheap, and tasty.

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