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Get Paid $10,000 a Month to Work in Sonoma and Become a Wine Expert

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by Dayana Aleksandrova Mar 15, 2021

Ever dreamed of pursuing a well-paid career in the wine industry that would have you live in the stunning wine country for free? Murphy-Goode, a California-based wine company, is looking to hire one lucky candidate to live in Healdsburg, Sonoma, rent-free for a year and get paid $10,000 a month to learn the ins and outs of the wine business.

The successful candidate will begin their first 90 days by shadowing the winemaker Dave Ready Jr., learning about every step of the harvest process. After the initial mentoring, there will be an opportunity to specialize in a specific field within the industry and continue building upon a career.

In order to apply, applicants need to record a video introducing themselves in a creative way (humor being an extra bonus) and send it to Murphy-Goode by June 30, 2021. Candidates must be 21 years old or over and authorized to work in the US. Job applications will be judged based on “value, creativity, and design, applicable experience and skill set.”

The new hire is expected to fully embrace all that comes with the role and seamlessly integrate into the company team and be willing to travel around Sonoma. Some of the role’s responsibilities will include generating strong knowledge of vineyards, operations, harvest, and wine in general. Murphy-Goode is also looking for someone who’s passionate about e-commerce and promoting the company through various social channels.

So, if this sounds like the description of the life you’ve always imagined for yourself, read more about the opportunity and how to apply here.

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