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This Glass-Bottomed Bathroom in Mexico Sits Atop an Elevator Shaft

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by Tim Wenger Apr 18, 2018

Guadalajara, Mexico is home to some of the world’s best tequila and mariachi music, but Mexico’s second-largest city also boasts another, more unique claim: world’s scariest bathroom.

This penthouse bathroom in the heart of the city with a glass floor that looks down into a fifteen-story elevator shaft, designed by Hernandez Silva, probably didn’t pop into your head. You can travel all over the world and likely not find a better way to literally scare the shit out of yourself.

The toilet is attached to a wall and juts out over a glass floor. As patrons relieve themselves, they peer down into what looks like a tunnel to the underworld. The design even includes lighting inside the tunnel to illuminate the void, making it almost impossible to pull your gaze away.

Your fear of heights is sure to play a factor in whether you spend your relief time leisurely gazing into the void, or staring straight up at the ceiling in full-on terror. It’s perhaps a good thing that there’s no shower in the bathroom — stepping half-awake out onto that platform is sure to induce a scream out of even the most seasoned roller-coaster enthusiast. In any case, this bathroom experience is sure to be a bit more than you bargained for.

The designer’s firm, Hernandez Silva Arquitectos, is known for unique development projects built around open, modern design concepts that go far beyond their clients’ expectations — but the glass floor bathroom in Guadalajara is an accomplishment in originality even by their standards.

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