Photo: Hallway Feeds / VisitLEX

The World's First Horse Yoga Retreat Just Opened in Lexington

Wellness News
by Olivia Harden May 4, 2022

You may have heard of dog yoga, goat yoga, and even alpaca yoga. Now a new type of yoga is debuting in Lexington, Kentucky — the horse capital of the world.

Hallway Feeds, a Lexington company known for its holistic approach to feeding horses, is debuting the first horse yoga retreat in the world. During the one-day retreat, participants will get a 60-minute horse yoga session led by three horse yogis: Swampy, Vanilla Ice, and AppleJack. Of course, the equine yogis will be assisted by Elizabeth Withers, horse yoga experience director, and Dan James, master horseman, to help translate the horse movements into yoga poses like “Neighasana,” “Vajrahoove,” and more.

After the session, retreat goers will have a one-hour cool down at the horse farm. They’ll also get the chance to take a tour of Hallway Feeds. Guests will spend the night in an upscale accommodation, and meals will include a protein-packed breakfast and locally-sourced lunch inspired by a thoroughbred diet curated by James Beard-nominated chef Ouita Michel and a private group dinner at a local Lexington restaurant. Airport transfers and take-home gifts are also included.

Hanging out with these horse yogis does come at a price — $50,000 for a group of 10, meaning $5,000 per person. The horse yoga retreat is now available for booking. And if you’re a huge horse-lover, this just might be your dream trip.

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