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JetBlue to Launch London Service From New York and Boston

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by Tim Wenger Apr 10, 2019

Flying across the Atlantic from New York City and Boston is about to become much easier. JetBlue, already a favorite among East Coast travelers for domestic flights, announced Wednesday that it plans to launch direct flights from both cities to London, England, in 2021.

The airline plans to fly the Airbus A321LR, a long-range plane built to be both comfortable and efficient for long hauls, on the route from both cities. While it already flies throughout much of North, Central, and South America, this announcement signals JetBlue’s first venture across the pond.

The airline must first undergo Extended-range Twin-engine Operational Performance Standards (ETOPS) compliance verification before service can commence. This certification can’t take place until the fulfillment of JetBlue’s order from Airbus, meaning it looks to be a while before we have a set date for the first flight and tickets go on sale.

Still, the announcement is reason for fans of the low-cost carrier to celebrate. Google Flights shows the current low price for a flight from New York to London at $365 one-way. JetBlue has a history of driving down costs on competitive routes, and Skift reported on Wednesday that its lower-priced premium cabin could disrupt the current status quo on the nation’s three biggest airlines — Delta, United, and American — who currently fly the same route.

Aiming to corner the market with its signature Mint premium seating options, JetBlue promises to price business class seats far lower than most options currently available by airlines already flying these routes. “I looked at some legacy brands and what they were charging a week out for business class between London and New York and it is obscene..eight, nine or ten thousand dollars,” CEO Robin Hayes told the London Aviation Festival last year. “And, when we see that, we know that we can do that a lot cheaper.”

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