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Someone Shot a Water Tower Painting of Johnny Cash to Make It Look Like He's Peeing

Arkansas News
by Olivia Harden May 23, 2022

While the memory of Johnny Cash has made a big splash in the minds of people who currently live in his birthplace of Kingsland, Arkansas, it’s doubtful they thought the country singer would be making it rain.

Locals added his silhouette to the water tower in tribute to the Man In Black. However, one person’s creative liberty has been decidedly unwelcome. A man was recently arrested for shooting a hole into the profile on the water tower right in the crotch area, causing a steady stream of water to look like Cash is peeing.

Although the 50,000-gallon water tower stunt was likely intended for a laugh, it’s actually causing the small town real trouble. The artwork has been “peeing” for over a week, causing 347 of the town’s residents to suffer from low water pressure and discolored water. The city is losing $200 a day, and the repair will cost another $5,000. According to TMZ, a man named Timothy Sled has been arrested and charged with impairing the operation of a vital public utility and criminal mischief — both of which are felonies.

In the meantime, mayor Luke Neal assured reporters that the town is doing everything they can to have Cash’s leak come to an end.

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